Samrat, why are you standing here all alone, in the dark? Nupur angrily ignore him. Back to scene, where Uday n Benji come to Mayank …. Later, Mayank and Nupur sort out their differences and retake their wedding vows and Samrat confesses his love to Gunjan. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Then the whole gang is in the bb court n they decide to play hide-n-seek ….

Miley Jab Hum Tum — 7. Shena and Samrat strike up a relationship while Ranvijay flirts with Dia who returns the attention. Gunjan moves another step forward ……. All Shows of Star One. Nupur finds out that she is pregnant and decides to hide it. In response, Gunjan, currently between being a friend and life partner, throws an MBA program on him and submits his application on his behalf, being oblivious to what he wants to do. Gunjan shuns herself from comfort and hope.

Meanwhile, Mayank and Nupur enrol for the same job scholarship and Nupur wins it. Next we see, Samrat where he sees Gunjan walking up to him …. Uday again agrees ……Mayank ko Nupur se pyaar hai Uday excitedly say Yes! Finally, after days, Mayank convinces Nupur before going to bed by pointing out today was their first date anniversary and they have a lifetime of fighting ahead of them.

Nupur finally reveals her pregnancy.

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Samrat, upset with Ash bunking classes, forces her to get a letter signed that excuses her from class. Mayank is shocked at what just Nupur said ……. This new character is Adhiraj Nishant MalkaniNupur’s childhood friend and expected suitor.


I found you, I mean…. Next scene, Mayank n Nupur in the activity room, where Nupur is messing up the clay to give it a shape n Mayank is just standing quietly next to her …. Television daily soap 6 Comments. Share this Rating Title: Dia is horrified by the news of their arrival wpisodes Excel and does everything in her power to make their lives miserable but startinf. Gunjan and Nupur have a disagreement with Gunjan being understanding of their father’s anger and Nupur objecting to Gunjan and Samrat’s supposed indecent proximity at their second date.

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As time passes, Gunjan misinterprets subtleties from Samrat and begins to harbour unstated love for him just as he clarifies Gunjan to be his closest friend, unaware of his own feelings for her while being oblivious to her one-sided love.

Rang Rasiya TV Series Nupur is about to walk away from there, when Benji n Uday start off their game of enacting like Mayank n Nupur….

Edit Did You Know? The gang returns home with their relationships strengthened when a baby girl, as a prank, enters the life of Samrat, Mayank, Benji, Adhiraj, and Uday with a letter falsely claiming that one of them is the father. Samrat finds Nupur’s pregnancy strip and confronts her over the phone. Recent Posts 19th July Use the HTML below.

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Mayank is watching her and he goes up to her. Tv shows I’ve watched. He is finally told that the gang played this prank on him because Nupur loves Mayank and he must believe that Suhaani is truly in love with him. Nupur Bhushan episodes, Her parents, Shashi and Ratna, form a negative opinion about Mayank. Adhiraj consents to the marriage in his anger startong Suhaani’s betrayal. Jaane kab kahan kaise Tere ho gaye kaise Hum to sochte hi reh gaye Aur pyaar ho gaya Mere khawaab dil sansein Mil ke kho gaye aise Tujko dekh ke aisa to kai baar ho gaya Tu kahe dil yeh tera hi rahe Aur kya kahun Khabar nahi khabar nahi….


Diya,Gunjan try to console Nupur

After Samrat’s heartfelt proposal she recovers to find herself paralysed from the waist down. The story then takes a three-year leap where the group believes that Nupur died because of Samrat’s reckless driving. A scary peon Dumroo tries to repeatedly play around with a new doctor at the hospital.

The web show promises passion, romance and heartbreak. Mayank and Nupur are wedded, but Shashi disowns her as he feels betrayed and humiliated because of their rash actions. Mayank and Jah reunite at home after three years and Samrat and Gunjan attempt reconciliation though they still remain only platonic.

Later, Gunjan believes that he has heard her extensive confession, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances, neither communicates their feelings leading to an extension of their friendship and a misunderstanding.

Top Moments From the Oscars. Will she dance to his beats? Nupur assumes their relationship is over and is furious. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.