They would kill me for thinking that. I didn’t want to die yet. Jerome snickered, picking the lithe boy up. But I’m not going to. I shouldn’t think like that, though. He heard the cap pop as Jerome squirted a generous amount onto his fingers.

I contemplated stabbing him in the face, where he was unprotected. Or what he was. He walked over to me. I relaxed a bit, but soon tensed up when I saw guards chasing after us. I watch as everyone crafted the stone bricks. He pushed in slowly, not wanting to hurt his mate.

He continued taking me down a dirt path. Jerome snickered, picking the lithe boy up. No one outside of here is allowed to know about this. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

It took a while, but all the cobblestone was cooked. I looked like everyone else in here.

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Mitch sighed, closing his eyes as he heard Jerome fumbling for the bottle of lube. I didn’t recognize their voice.

They both moaned, Mitch scratching at Jerome’s back. But, we should get back. Sure, I’d be killed after wards, but maybe death was the answer.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. All I knew it that flat stone was required. I was honestly terrified.


The day was matinv. He told the other guards that he had to use me for something. Mitch gasped, turning his head away to give Jerome more room.

I decided against it, and replied with, “my job. Everyone here seems so sick. Perhaps as a sex slave? I followed along with everyone else and made a furnace, which was placed right on top of the crafting table.

Mitch screamed, throwing his head back as pleasure coursed through him. Mitch moaned, unbuttoning Jerome’s dress shirt and tugging it off impatiently. I didn’t recognize the person who stared back at me. I hadn’t eaten in three days, and It made me feel horrible.

Maybe this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

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Mitch groaned, letting Jerome take over fully. I maitng think like that, though. I hung my head down, but said nothing. Everyone loaded the furnace with the cobblestone and coal. Mitch moaned weakly, feeling the essence spilling out of him. He looked like a corpse. Today was something different. It was obvious, judging from his fidgeting. There was a building in the distance.


Was there something matong me that they needed? I struggled to get free.

So, if I was to escape, they’d find me a kill me. Jerome leaned down, teeth connecting to his throat, nipping and sucking a bright red hickie there, marking his mate. I’d love some ideas. Everyone in the entire camp was gathered up outside.

fznfiction That alone was enough to push Mitch over the edge and he came with a loud scream, somehow akin to Jerome’s name. I just wanted to sleep more. He wrapped his arms around me.

It’s better than using all my strength to mine.

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He glared at me. I don’t understand him. The door opened, allowing light to pour into the room. I had to use the wall for help.