Medaka Box 3 Z3R – Sep 10, He convinces Medaka to allow the Flask Plan for those who are willing. Jun 6, 7: Retrieved April 16, The Golden Age Arc Movie Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Medaka enters herself and becomes the victor, choosing to marry Zenkichi once they both graduate. Steel Ball Run Reborn!

Retrieved June 12, Medaka defeats him and disappears after stopping the moon from crashing towards the Earth, just to reappear in time for the year-end ceremony. Gainax , Asahi Production. Medaka Box characters chapters episodes. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. This page was last edited on 5 February , at Jun 6, 7: Soon after, Zenkichi’s close friend Hansode Shiranui leaves the academy.

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This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat It was adapted into an anime qbnormal series that aired between April 5 and June 21, With the mysterious Flask Plan, Oudo’s tyranny, and the resurfacing of an old enemy, the state of Hakoniwa Academy is far from tranquil, and Medaka and her companions have their hands full as things indp get a lot more abnormal. Retrieved November 16, List of Medaka Box characters.


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Medaka Box Abnormal

Following her return, Medaka decides to leave the academy and assume her father’s place ahead of her family’s business conglomerate, the Kurokami Group, just to later return as the new chairwoman. Retrieved December 5, Please note indi ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded.

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Nasty All reviews 33 people found this review helpful. The Student Council learns that the academy boc intends to initiate the Flask Plan, a project to forcefully experiment on regular students, called Normals, in order to turn them into humans with superhuman abilities called Abnormals.

After Kumagawa’s defeat, two students are unsealed from his powers and complete their transfer to Hakoniwa Academy. Retrieved June 19, Medaka Box Cover of the Japanese edition of volume 17 published by Shueisha featuring main characters Medaka Kurokami left and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi right. Dec 30, 9: Retrieved April 16, Medaka and Zenkichi discover she is to become the next host for Iihiko Shishime, a year-old being.

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Retrieved June 12, Shortly after, the Student Council are challenged to a tournament by Misogi Kumagawa who wishes to replace Medaka’s Student Council with one of his own. Ranked Popularity Members 95, VVayfarer All reviews 5 people found this review helpful.


Their leader, Anshin’in, threatens to restart the Flask Plan once Medaka graduates, forcing the Student Council to train their successors. Medaka Kurokami appears as a playable character in the Jump crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory VSwith Kumagawa appearing as a support character.

Samurai Legend Princess Maker. The Student Council infiltrates the academy’s secret lab and battles other students that are involved with the project.

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Medaka Box Abnormal

List of Medaka Box chapters. As of FebruaryShueisha has compiled its chapters into 22 bound volumes. Gaina Khara Gonzo Trigger.