Joe runs down into town. He realizes that management is bringing in blacks in to work as scabs in the coal mines. He stays quiet and learns that the proprietor of one of the local restaurants, C. News of this killing outraged union opinion. Between and union membership in the United States was to fall by 1. Written by Susan C. On Disc at Amazon. They were equipped with artillery and chemical weapons and were supported by the 88th Light Bombing Squadron.

And it left behind a feeling of pride that persists after 50 years. The staff at Variety magazine lauded the acting in the film, writing, ” Matewan is a heartfelt, straight-ahead tale of labor organizing in the coal mines of West Virginia in that runs its course like a train coming down the track. This led to a massive expansion of the industry: Despite it all, they ripped off re-sewn buttons with their teeth, not one giving up. At the very least, however, the film succeeds in raising important issues for thought and discussion. The miners have to retreat fast to get out of there. The march demonstrated some of the creative qualities of a militant working class that will in time take power. He was regularly called one of the most reactionary men in American labour, with no program, no vision, no concept of the future’, J Finley, The Corrupt Kingdom New York, , pp

Postwar Struggles New York,p Share this Rating Title: She claims that Joe raped her. In the play, a striker exposes his brother as a fink. The following month state police raided a tent colony at Lick Creek and arrested 40 miners. Chafin hired private aircraft to drop bombs on the miners’ camps. Matewan is a film directed by John Sayles. He says that Jesus didn’t know nothing about the union and its rightful grievances. Lewis New Yorkp. Summry following month state police raided a tent colony at Lick Creek and arrested 40 miners.


His strategy works, and in a dramatic scene both the Italian and the black miners join the strike under the guns of the company guards.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The mayor tries to negotiate as Kenehan comes running to try to stop the fight. This killing is one of the causes of the climactic gunfight in Matewan.

The great matewna of charges were later dismissed but two miners, a baptist minister, the Reverend J E Wilbur, and his son, were convicted of murder for shooting a special deputy. And he used nasty language to refer to Bridey Mae, such matewah “brood bitch” that wants to have sexual relations with any man.

One recent study of the UMW assesses his career up to The sudden movement sets off a climactic gunfight between the exposed mercenaries and the armed townspeople firing from barricades and rooftops. Alex Breedlove, a black miner who had smumary one of the first men in Mingo to join the union, was singled out and summarily executed.

Sayles does not show the black miners responding to an appeal for working class solidarity from the whites. Two striking miners, Robert Mullins and Tot Tinsley, were killed. The preacher speaks of those connected with the devil and he mentions the union man as being such a creature. A mute alien with the appearance of a black human is chased by outer-space maetwan hunters through the streets of Harlem.

They may be playing Social-Realist icons, but each manages to make something personal and idiosyncratic out of the material, without destroying the ballad-like style.

Here the UMW had already achieved a foothold in Kanawha County but in April this came under attack when the mine companies refused to renew agreements. Instead Matewan has to be welcomed as a celebration of working class solidarity and struggle made at the height of the Reagan-Bush era.


This was a disaster. The organising campaign in the southern counties had been defeated and the mine owners followed up their victory by driving the union out of the rest of mogie state.

Matewan: film and working class struggle

Asked whether he knows how to use it, Few Clothes says yes, that he was in the Spanish—American War of Sid was acquitted and his stature grew even more. Cooper’s character gives an anti-racist speech. This resulted in January in the establishment of the Central Competitive Field. According to Fred Mooney, the union had recruited ‘men from many countries. Between September and October grand juries in Logan County brought in 1, indictments for complicity mpvie the insurrection including charges of murder and 24 indictments for treason.

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The miners blew up the tipples of operating mines and the trains carrying coal that had been mined by scabs. Sumary miners learn that tonight the company is sneaking the blacks and Italians in for a night shift and they are going to stop this from happening.

More than 10, armed miners from the six coal counties, descended on the court house looking for the private detectives and law “enforcement” officers who were the assassins.

And in having Joe question violence, pacifism is also questioned. Once the march got under way, numbers increased to over 15, men, not just miners but other workers as well, coming to strike a blow against the mine companies.