Lots of houses here are made of garage doors. It is understandable that the film and many of the people in the film conflate globalization with industrialization. OLGA el agua tiene tres dias corriendo con este color y olor. City of Factories, Film Review. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. I remember going with my mom to meetings and doing everyday things like paying bills or picking things up.

Las tarjetas ya no decian HansanMex, si no decian, ya no tenian nombre y no tenian fecha. I have three kids to support and I have to work and study. La resina, cuando tu entrabas alli a la planta era un olor horrible, a plastico quemado, y salias con tu ropa impregnada, oliendo a eso. Las fabricas desde aqui se ven, la Sony. Itvs Maquilapolis City of Factories: Y estuve, he estado sola aqui en Tijuana y aqui ya me quede. As a promotora, You promote the law. The barrels where they dumped the slag are filled with holes, eaten away.

Maquilapolis: City of Factories

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ya han ido a hablar con el gobierno? From Gallagher’s essay, The Enclave Effect: Itvs Maquilapolis City of Factories: But the innovation in Maquilapolis is that the subject of the film, the factory women, produced some of the filming like Born into Brothelsthe documentary about Calcutta’s red light kidsimages, and sounds. So people have a good standard here in these cities, in Baja California. In the end of the film, Carmen wins enough severance pay to cover the costs of paving her home’s floor.

Through sheer persistence, Carmen and her fellow workers won the severance pay to which they were entitled by law. You can see positive changes. Panasonic fired me in Feburary of Three months later we finished negotiations in the Sanyo case. I left work at 7: This article is licensed under a Creative Commons License. When the government transcrpit. Otay es un parque industrial. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Factor X brought 14 factory workers a year to maquilapo,is office, which had a cafeteria, a child care center, a classroom and also provided therapy for some of the workers.


This evidence doesn’t suggest that foreign investment or trade agreements are bad things. Tijuana actualmente ya no es atractivo.

For International Women’s Day: Maquilapolis – city of factories

You can see the factories from here. Trabscript depart with their hands full, And leave us with our hands empty. We are currently seeking funding to implement a binational Community Outreach Campaign, designed and implemented collaboratively with stakeholder organizations in the U. Es la misma tactica que utilizan ellos.

What an ugly angle Lourdes is showing me! This space is really beautiful. But for all the miserable working conditions, health problems, and broken promises, Carmen and Lourdes and others like them — promotoras who fight for workers’ rights against the new corporate order — are not the pliant female employees anticipated by the companies or the Mexican government. No mas acuerdate de maquilapols punto para seguir luchando.

Yes, I think the purchase power of the people of these cities in Baja California, the purchase power — you have stores all over the city, people are buying every day, and that means that worker is well paid.

En estos granscript supuestamente el gobierno nos debe de dar asesoria legal pero no es asi ahorita. Entonces el sindicato protege al patron. Si no se deciden ellos a darnos el dinero que nosotros pedimos, nos vamos a juicio y van haber mas y mas hasta que uno de los dos pierda. You are a student, and Gradually you become a teacher. The factory had a union.


Barba de chiva blogspot entry http: Thats why the EZLN outcoming rose, because the indigenous pueblo is oppressed. When we talk of globalization we see that these companies can go anywhere in the world.

In constructing a collaboration with the promotoras, we had two goals: Transcrript colonia donde yo vivo, Colonia Lagunitas. But Maquiapolis painted a stronger, more disturbing portrait entirely. City of Factories highlights two problems at the ground level: Anon, f, l ink. Tenia una maquina aqui, otra aca, y este era mi area donde yo trabajaba.

Maquilapolis: City of Factories | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

David beat him even though Goliath was so big. She supervises the negotiations. I was unemployed for two years.

Lots of factories closed. I am from Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. El Tijuana de hoy tiene varias caras. The one who pays for sin or the one who sins for pay? This is the check they maquilapoils me. La mayoria de la gente aqui en TIjuana. In terms of audience on the other side of the border, we had in mind factory workers, communities of people that are on the production side.

They are promotoras, maquilapois who sought out training in human and labor rights from local NGOs and who then committed to pass that knowledge on to their communities.

It was just like Sanyo.