Well he is in the list now, good catch. And this on Zac, click here for my thoughts on Zac runes. Ryze Burst [ New ]: Miss Fortune [ Updated ]: Completely agree with the Sorcery side, though. Ekko Burst [ Updated ]:

I feel like this rune and sudden impact are perfectly made for kassadin too. It’s like, wrong on every aspect. Your Zac summery is good tho and I will consider Iron Skin if it makes a big difference. With ornn the inspiration keystone looter might be better. Janna [ Updated ]: Also, attack speed gives him extra movement speed on crits.

Even then the other runes are bad too. Shyvanna [ Updated ]: But I can’t hate on Future’s Market on a champ that is all about rigging the odds in his favor maedtrias since he’s so item dependent and this would facilitate getting his core items faster for a bigger advantage, especially with his passive.

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With the added Leth on Predator, this path seems just a bit better. Its a “nerfed” version of the actually Thunderlord. I’m not going to hate on you for Gathering Storm like a lot of people might.

Yes it’s overrated, yes TF is a mid game champ and not a late game champ so he loses some mileage on it, but TF’s ability to clear the backline with Wild Cards is on such a razor’s edge. Eh, the choices in precision are good.

I’m probably doing Sorcery as the primary. Pretty sure trkstana just chose augment because the website doesn’t let you pick kleptomancy yet he even put the K next to the build. Varus ADC [ Updated ]: See it as how Camille’s passive works. And in the title it seems adamant that its “FOR” the champ, not simply a “Suggestion” trying to imply they know its a runepage for the champ.


Olaf [ Updated ]: Pantheon [ Updated ]: With Illaoi I suppose it does depend on matchup. It’s also worth noting that PtA will halve itself if you switch targets while fervor doesn’t. Glacial Augment is also other mastery it’s been looked at on Garen, and seems like a good choice, tho we are mostly scared that it’s going to be the single hardest counter to Garen tho.

I’ve been toying around with quite a number of them myself some of them probably good, a lot of them probably awful loland while I haven’t figured out which will be the best or most optimal that one was one of the frontrunners in my mind. Warwick [ Updated ]: I fiddled around with some other stuff, but being able to overclock on CDR is pretty big, and having his ult on something like a 30s CD late-game is going to be pretty nice.

I dunno, I didn’t put more than a minute of thought in to this really and I haven’t run numbers maestriss see what would be the most effective damage masteries, but this is what my instincts picked out.

Pretty much the conclusion we got, and the very first adv we thought about. This change of surge is such a huge nerf for the champ, not even coutning losing the current runes, like maaestrias or leth.

What if instead of having up to lre pages, each champ just had one for them and you could change per champ? Kayn Blue [ Updated ]: Nonetheless your build is solid too and name good points.

He didn’t do any damage early game. It’s like, wrong on every aspect.


Anivia [ Updated ]: Quinn [ Updated ]: Summoner Specialist is excellent for Fiddlesticks, but don’t rule out things like Phase Rushwhich is an excellent tool for repositioning. Completely agree with the Sorcery side, though. While I admit Runes Reforged has a large chance to shake trisstana established norms as far as champion builds are concerned, if it doesn’t buck the trend as much as triatana, Nullifying Orb would seem to be the leading frontrunner for that slot by a country mile.

CDR for ultimate, flash, zhonyas, etc. Rammus [ Updated ]: Katarina Snowball [ Updated ]: If he’s committed to using the tank tree, he needs to change those.


Draven ADC [ Updated ]: Otherwise that looked like a build I would go with, nice work! Gangplank doesn’t really get active items though so I feel like Augment isn’t that useful. For Swain, I’m almost positive you want Inspiration as a secondary, with magical footwear and perfect timing as runes.

Scorch is a bit seasin the weaker side and more poke.

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Cassiopeia [ Updated ]: Sion AD [ Updated ]: Miss Fortune [ Updated ]: Can’t even use half of those runes maaestrias cannon form. Overgrowth is better on laners than junglers.

Appreciate your time making this, really do, but as has been mentioned before many times some pages don’t make sense.