I didn’t rate Wake very highly 2. Even though I disliked the book more than I liked it, I will still continue to read the Watersong series because I want to learn more about the Sirens and how Gemma finally breaks the curse and escapes them. As much fighting as we did, we never went so far as to actually try to murder one another like the sirens in Lullaby did. I read these books willingly and out of my own curiosity. I would not recommend this one! We also get closer to the topic of Aggie the original fourth siren ‘s death and how the other three became sirens in the first place. Dive into an excerpt from Lullaby

I consciously missed fair few details that may or may not have been important. Open Preview See a Problem? Amanda Hocking sells Trylle Trilogy film rights. It was out of place to say t I have to say that this book is better than the first. I did like Harper, though not as much as in the first book. The most evil of the sirens should not have acted the way she did. Again, I found myself skipping to the scenes between Harper and Daniel. But how long will Gemma be able to survive before succumbing to the watersong and becoming a monster?

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In the second book, Lullaby [out in November], you learn what becomes of Gemma and also the ramifications of some of her decisions in Wake. I own quite a lot of this author’s books, but if they’re all like this I don’t think I want to read any more.

I remember really liking the siren elements about the first one, but here I used to think she was a weak and whiny character, but her actions and love for the people she cares about showed me maturity and responsibility.

What can I say? Retrieved June 17, The first book, Wake out Aug. Anyway, I’m going to read Rayburn’s second book next and see if it is better. I don’t know why or how Gemma “loved” him. Harper and Daniel were also one of the few reasons why I picked up this book. Yeah, I get that it was the right thing to do and blah blah blah, but I just felt like it was done to stir up more problems for the next book.


In MarchHocking signed her first conventional publishing contract for four books, at a price of two million dollars, with St. Amaaazing Book i don’t know why but i never been into sirens stuff but in this book it just sounds real or i can imagine it I have to say that this book is better than the first.

Oh, did I forgot to mention Alex? He and Gemma fell in love way too quickly for me to be able to believe in their relationship. In Hocking announced she had signed a new three-book deal with St. Retrieved March 14, Again, he is bland, boring, with nothing very original about him.

I really have some review to re do. So we’re back with Gemma, who had to leave with the other sirens at the end of the last book, because they’d threatened to kill her sister, and her boyfriend Alex, if she didn’t.

Second half is after ,ovie decides to leave, despite all the logical reasons why she should not and she can not do so.

Unlike the traditional YA story which features a strong female protagonist, Wake has two strong female characters. I love Daniel, I think he is my favorite character out of all of them.

I freaking hate this! They were bitchy, rude and selfish as usual but I couldn’t help but read more about them! Kullaby main reason why I lulaby up this book is because the sirens intrigued me and this is the first time I’ve come across such mythological creatures and I hockinv Greek Mythology. Feb 11, Sofia rated it it was ok.

I’m having flashbacks of New Moon. Especially someone that doesn’t think you’re insane for believing in weird-ass bird-monsters? But there is this space between me and the story t Lullaby! It’s a bit darker and more sinister than the first, which I liked. Retrieved from ” https: And that is when they find information about sirens.

Harper too despite that she is a control freak.

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It was out of place to say t I have to say that this book is better than the first. Other books in the series. When your life is in danger the survival instinct kicks in and people can do all kind of things in order to stay alive. For more info about her and her books, here are hcking other places to check out and ways to contact her: I can’t relate to her, she’s bland, she’s boring, and not very original. Can’t wait to read the next one! I loved learning more about their history and the original siren, Aggie.


I remember reading lkllaby along the lines of “he punched her in the face”, and not as an end line, but as a full blown sentence amanad a fight scene. All of the characters remained the same and the book perfectly fit in with the story line and the feel of mlvie action that was revealing.

I will admit, I also read “Siren” by Tricia Rayburn and found the same subject tackled but executed much better. I am curious about what the series are supposed to be about and why they have so high ratings.

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Harper is another great character, but sometimes annoyed me but not a whole lot. And how did it feel to see your book in that conventional form? But prepared to be sucked in by the watersong.

In some ways, I became more invested in the series.

Can she let herself depend on Daniel? I also wish that the book hadn’t given so much time to Harper’s point of view Gemma is a thousand times more interesting. Movid between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.