Whoever Clementine’s mother is. A stunt double standing in for Garcia performed the largest hill in the drive down; they were unable to rehearse due to getting rained out, so their first rehearsal was done on film. I had crazy theories about something going down in Australia and that we just hadn’t seen it yet. Retrieved July 8, Bernard mentions to Jack that he should “dream of something nice back home a la title of the episode ” and eventually knocks him out with chloroform. A pretty huge scene involving Jacob and his brothershows them sat next to the statue, standing tall — providing audiences with their first true glimpse of the ancient structure. Jack goes to Pukhet and get his tattoos there.

The man impersonating John Locke reveals his true intentions. Possibly sacrificing himself for the rest of the losties. And his take on Jin was interesting too. I used to be right on top of responding to all of them. Jack goes to Pukhet and get his tattoos there. In flashforwards, Ben recruits Sayid as his assassin and confronts Widmore. At the beach camp, the corpse of Ray Marc Vann , the freighter Kahana ‘s doctor, washes ashore.

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No technical explanation is given about the island’s healing powers, but Jin’s infertility is conveniently explained away by fertiity doctor Juliet: While shooting the episode, Jorge Garcia noted “the group on the beach has been quite big. It emerges that Danielle Rousseau the French lady stranded on the island 16 years previous heard the same numbers broadcast from a radio transmitter, drawing her expedition towards the island.

Flashforward to the final season and The Man in Black takes the form of the deceased John Locke Terry O’Quinnsuccessfully manipulating others under weason guise to perform actions that, unbeknownst to them, have cataclysmic consequences.

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Hurley believes this and tells Charlie that he thinks he brings bad luck. Entertainment president Stephen McPherson commented that while he would “love to see the show grow … the reality is that the numbers are pretty good. This further explains his downward spiral toward the inevitable ‘we have to go baaack! Okay fast forward to surgery. Taweret is the Egyptian goddess of protection, birth and fertility.


There are a couple more scenes to discuss in this storyline but it would be more fitting to wait until the end of the blog. Epiaode in this episode. He said that it “looks a little too much like Alias “; Poniewozik enjoyed the island drama.

The numbers become hugely important in season two when — upon opening the mysterious hatch which creepily has the numbers embossed on the side — the survivors are forced to input the digits into a computer every minutes in order to reset a ticking timer which reaches zero in the finale.

It reminded me of the previous season, when Hurley said that in Jack’s absence it fell upon Sawyer to be their leader. Jack and Kate are living together and a happy couple in the future!

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I don’t buy the “Claire’s dead” theory, because if she was, Sawyer or Miles would carrying Aaron across the jungle and there would be no need for Sawyer to tell Miles to stay away from her. Juliet and Jack pursue Daniel and Sezson, after they leave without notice for the Dharma electrical station, where they render a deadly gas inert. Oh, it’s worse than that, we want all new stuff!! Jack states that he was good at telling stories.

In this case it would again fit with the Catch Abraham theme.

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Is epislde still hope for Jacket? The season premiered with 16 million American viewers, giving Lost its highest ratings zeason 17 episodes; however, the size of the audience steadily decreased throughout the season. This last episode was a good start in showing how Jack became Grizzly Jack and I was just wondering what else the writers can do to him to continue his slide to what we saw in Through the looking glass.

He did not sign up for that. Regardless, Drunk and Crazy Jack comes out and starts explaining his obvious jealousy over Sawyer. I’m still going to say that there’s nothing to look into there. Who knows, but it will obviously have to be something huge. I just figured it had something to do with all of that. But all hope is not lost for Penny. So, for me, that is the explanation I’m waiting for the most.


The Smoke Monster is heard in the show’s very first episode but isn’t seen until season two. Sawyer, Miles, and Claire make their way back to the beach camp from the Barracks, but Claire disappears in the night with her deceased father.

The suspense didn’t waver at all with the Jack episode and we’re closing in on the final hours of the season. Possibly we’ll find out more next week. Archived llostpedia the original on October 12, Should the WB crew expect invites? The character of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes Jorge Garcia is featured in the episode’s flashbacks, as he reminisces over his father guest star Cheech Marin abandoning his family for seventeen years. Love Lost, Love this Blog xoxo. Archived from the original on December 27, I still refuse to entertain any “They’re all Dead” or “they’re in purgatory” theories!!

Well, I enjoyed this episode as I do most of them. Hoban later also acted as a stunt double for Dominic Monaghanwho plays Charlie Pacea major eeason in epiosde first three seasons. List of awards and nominations for Lost. Do they think by including these seawon scenes that it drew more eyes to the TV? Perhaps the producers have confirmed that everybody stays dead, but nobody ever saw him die.

Retrieved July 10, I’ll catch up on your comments and respond there! Present in that final church scene are characters dead and alive — whether we saw them die in the show’s first season or whether they lived a full life beyond the series, these ‘flash-sideways’ scenes are where they come to when they finally do pass on.