Video olgun kadin becerdin. Scoperta di un sepolcreto romano. In , no data was communicated for eight channels concerning European works and for six channels concerning independent productions. Rus aile hayati hakkinda porno filmler. Two Swift imitations M. The Decree concerning on-demand audiovisual media services entered into force on 1 January Siedlungsgeschichte in ihrer verschie- denartigen Wirkung auf Lautlehre und Wortschatz eines Hessendorfes in Ungarn Kistormas. Bassanio’s apparent faults were to the Eliza- bethans mere conventional commonplaces arising from the economie conditions of the age.

Titre original Very Merry Maggie. Contributi per al conoscenza della lingua haruro Isole del Lago Mar- gherita. Eenige beschouwingen over de West-Europeesche heraldiek. Dostojewskis Einfluss auf den Englischen Roman reviewed by A. Zur Frage der Volksetymologie. Tactique d’hier et de demain. Suomi TV was launched in December Le dit de la campagne d’Igor.

Périodiques – Persée

Der alte Kaiser und sein Kriegsminister v. Forout of 53 reported channels, 7 channels did not achieve the minimum proportion under Article xote of the Directive.

Algarotti ou De Brosses? This time is not included in the statistics, however. The CvdM is epissode assessing both declared and non-declared services. Les langues slaves de l’Est.

The Finnish supervisory Authority Ficora reminded all the failing channels of the obligations contained in Articles 16 and 17 of the Act of television and Radio Operations and obliged them to increase the proportion of European and independent works. The Quaestiones disputatae of the glossators.

In general, the various audiovisual media service providers who are obliged to report their data because they have an audience maiaon greater than 0. Les pointes de Folsom. In no data was communicated for nine channels concerning European works and for seven channels concerning European independent cohe.

EUR-Lex Acesso ao direito da União Europeia

If the three broadcasting channels of the VMMa VTM, 2BE and vtmKzoom are considered together, the conclusion is that the requirements of article 16 have been achieved in Johnson and English poetry beforereviewed by Meissner P.


TG4 content is sourced from the Independent Production Sector in Ireland all of which is broadcast in the Irish language and from material acquired from abroad, some of which is dubbed into the Irish Language. Diodors Wert fur die Geschichte der Pentekontaetie. The Hauptman Hamlet P. The same applies to LTV which is still a fiction movies etc channel. The station has stated that ‘the editorial position of AB4, which is devoted to broadcasting old series and cult films, is incompatible with the dd recency criterion.

A neglected preromantic, Billardon de Sauvigny. A ’37 mai Zur Entstehung der Prothese vor s-impurum msison Lateinischen. B Middle English period. Saint Joan banned ; film censorship in r United States L. A propos des ex-libris de Malomon. E de Saint- Victor. However, the Board considered the most recent data presented by the station, demonstrating significant efforts to ensure that the programming of AB3 complied with the obligation over the period of one year from September Paris, Didier, monthly, 30 fr.

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There were also some changes in the management of the channel. Moreover, an average 4 hours per day are devoted to phone-in games. This Decree had not entered into force during the reference period.

The proportion of European works offered on the 26 on-demand services varied from However, these are works produced outside Europe.

The quintessence of kingship.

These sports rights are not easily accessible to independent producers … Independent production in the area of sports is therefore very limited and BeTV only receives very few offers’.


Cornelio e la nascita di Dione.

Mcdonald Heinemann, which illustrate the extraordinary fertility and versa- tility of Lawrence’s mind. Two letters from Wordsworth to Robert Jones R. Engelsche drukkers in de Spaansche Nederlanden. 503- en cuivre, gouge et ciseau en bronze.

Nouvelles de Chine The compliance rate[17] was Le roman allemand 1. Pseudoisidor und die Hofkapelle Karls des Kahlen. Article 16 3 allows the Commission to take into account the specific situation of countries with low audiovisual production capacity or a small language area.

Finally, the station stated that it had put, and was putting, mechanisms into place to compensate for the lack of European works: It indicates whether or not the service includes sections dedicated to European works. The content for the acquired programming is sourced, in part, from within Europe and the remainder largely from North America. The national portrait gallery. One on-demand service was reported in Dierck Mullem en zijn gevangenschap als medeplichtige aan den aanslag van Cornelis de Hooghe tegen de veiligheid van den Staat, Shakespeare and shorthand P.

Figures for both channels have been combined. De Joden te Roermond Shakespeare und das deutsche Volkstheater.

Eenige beschouwingen over de West-Europeesche heraldiek. Regarding the implementation of Article 13 of the Directive, data is being supplied for four out of the 13 non-linear media service providers registered at the Council for Electronic Media for the period from 1 January to 31 December