Episode 12 Episode Pushkar declares his love for Pia and kisses her. Later in the day, the entire Walia family, including Bani, Pia, Rano, and Pushkar go to the premiere of Sonali’s new movie. After his death, Bani realizes she will have to work even harder to fulfill her promise. Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga’s medicine, but their car breaks down. Episode 22 Episode

Six months have passed since Bani’s death. However, the next morning Jai accepts Meera as his only wife. Meanwhile, Rashi receives some help from a mysterious women who prmoises to give her an agnipariksha, a test of fire. When they return back to the Walia Mansion, they find out Jai is hosting a party for his new engagement. Nishikant leaves the restaurant after seeing his daughter as a waitress with a feeling of failure. Episode 26 Episode Bani refuses to pay for Ganga’s dress and says she wants to live life for herself.

However, the face of Kasamh Sethe eldest of three sisters, and the beloved of Jai is burned to death.

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Meanwhile, Jigyasa returns from London and arrives at the wedding. She agrees but on two conditions. Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury.

The Walia family plans on getting Ganga married to Rahul, son of the Khanna family. Pallavi’s marriage finally ends, and the family watches her as rfancais leaves the the mansion.

Bani realizes her new boss is extremely rude, and meanwhile Jai invites Daksh to a party at his mansion. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. While Bani remembers Krishna and Atharva, Mr.


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Bani may have lost in love, but she has won in friendship. However, the next morning Jai accepts Meera as his only wife. As the party continues, Karuna controls everyone and everything, including the eppisode.

Ranvir is being cared for and Pia’s condition is improving. Pia is introduced to Mohan at the Pre-Valentine party and once Pushkar hears the news of Pia’s marriage, he is shattered.

Kasamh Se – Episode 90 – 22-05-2006

With no way to escape, Bani is forced to listen and obey Ranvir’s orders. As the wedding finally reaches a close, Jigyasa plans to move the outhouse secret far away from the Walia mansion, but she goes to drastic measures to stop Bani. Karuna finally sees Bani in her small town, and she reports this back to Jigyasa. Jai loves the sweet rice, and thakurain’s plan totally backfires.

As the party kicks off with a bang, the future seems to hold a lot of mysteries and surprises for Meera, Pronita, Jai, and the Walia family.

Jai give an expensive diamond necklace to Pia, but Pia tries to cover up everything when Pushkar arrives. Unfortunately, Pushkar become shattered when he finds out that Pia is marrying his boss.

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Mohan ends the idea of marriage between Bani and him because Sonali told him that she loved Pushkar. Meanwhile, Jai becomes abusive towards Meera and plans to give her a child. However, Jigyasa and Karuna both see Daksh in the streets, and he soon committs a sacrifice to help Bani.


Pia leaves and runs to the Walia outhouse, leaving a besotted Pushkar behind.

Episode 23 Episode Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail. And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover? Bani starts to prepare for the wedding feast and with the help of her friends and neighbors, she does an excellent job.

Pushkar takes Piya to buy her a diamond ear-ring but as the pair she likes costs Rs. Meera is introduced as Jai’s wife at the party, but Jai totally ignores her. Meera and Bani bring Pia home and tell Jai that she did not murder the children. Bani, who is shattered after seeing Pushkar and Pia together, is heartbroken. She tells this to Meera, who takes her outside the house in the forest.

Bani pulls off a great presentation at the office despite Ranvir’s anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani.

As Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else.