A typical Korean drama may cost as much as. CJ stares meaningfully at the drums. Back in the vault, servant Choi heads down and calls for Kang-chi, who pops out and removes the giant tarp he took from the construction site… and behind it is the massive fortune, hidden right under their noses all this time. I thought CJ was well on her way to doing that, but she’s not there yet. And I was not thinking lower body parts, for the record. Download Drama Korea Faith.

Gon asks why she is putting bandage back on KC when the wound has healed. Thanks for the recap! Video gu family book ep 22 download mp3, 3gp, mp4, webm, avi. I usually watch the reruns whenever i need a good laugh. If he actually just wanted to save CJ he would probably go to YW’s father since he has connections and the skills to pull it off or at least to get someone who can pull it off. Lee Yoo Bi Supporting Cast. Also, I like to understand everything, and question things, so again, my brain comes with me. Regarding the healing powers of the blue lights, I think it can be used to heal other people too but KC has yet to find out how to do that and how to control it without cutting himself all the time.

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Quinze May 8, at 7: He’s so eepisode to me. This article made me laugh: That samgetang scene is gold. Lol I was thinking about fhe time he cooked the standing beer chicken: Ivoire May 9, at 6: Unsubscribe from Louis Blanco? What impresses me about the whole heist, was that KC is probably for the first time using his brains to overcome an adversity. Lord of the Things May 7, at 8: WS wants CJ to wash all the clothes.


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I seriously just don’t think they are purposely making him look bad. This episode had so many hilarious parts, I love it! Park Joo Hyung Supporting Cast. We didn’t really see it with SH she didn’t really tryhowever we saw it with YW, twice. Ksngchi, who has been sitting outside, surprises him.

I do hope that you are right, however. Have I convinced you yet?

Or at least I’m not. He says it will take seven to eight days. Stardust May 7, at A flashback reveals that Lee Soon-shin came up with the plan after he was called to the inn and saw the hole Kang-chi made in the floor.

As in, the hand on the boob is actually a female hand. You need to put it back on.

And finally, Kang Chi realizes that Yeo Wool is a girl!! TS didn’t thee want KC to be part of the mission to steal the money and now KC is the only person he can ask to save his beloved sister.


KDaddict May 7, at 1: Damn LSG, first shin minah, now suzy! KC replies that it is episove to his skills. Oh no, what if papa Gu works for big baddy?

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Tae-seo refuses to tell him, so Kang-chi launches into a ticklefest. KC stares at TS. Soo-ryun finds Chung-jo asleep in the yard late that night, after rewashing the giant load of laundry. It’s so out of tune with his serious character. I was glad that YW could see the scars both times, and so that she would know what he did for herhowever those healing sessions seem to be arbitrary or have a few exceptions.

They are both lovable kangdhi, but I’m glad Kangchi finally got his moment to use his brain and his gumiho powers came in handy for once.