Joey protests that he doesn’t have any insect cards in his deck, but Weevil plays the magic card Reckless Parasite, which causes Parasite Paracide to pop out of Joey’s deck and leech onto Panther Warrior. Joey accepts, and they face off. Retrieved from ” https: Joey says his Panther Warrior might be infected by the parasite, but it can still attack. Joey brings out another monster and attacks, but Weevil activates Insect Barrier, which stops all opposing Insect-type monsters from attacking. Her brother came in second at Duelist Kingdom! He’s determined to be ready for him.

Joey attacks and destroys Weevil’s monster, but Weevil’s life points only increase again! All of Joey’s monsters will now be infected by the parasite, turning them into Insect-types and prohibiting him from sacrificing them, which means his Panther Warrior can no longer attack. Unknown to Yugi, Marik’s already watching him through the eyes of a mime standing motionless on a nearby park bench. At the hospital, the little boy tells Serenity that Joey’s in trouble, but Serenity says Joey’s been in tough situations before, and he always comes through. Weevil counters with Flying Kamakiri 1 Dragonfly , an insect monster with an attack of , more than Joey’s Swordsman, and attacks. But Weevil activates his face-down card, Insect Barrier, which stops all insects from attacking him—and Parasite Paracide turns all the monsters it infects into insects. Kenta is worried about Joey being in trouble with Weevil’s strategies, but Serenity assures him that Joey can find a way out of whatever situation he is in. He arrives, high-fiving with Mai, and shows off his two locator cards.

Weevil says a great duelist always prepares for a duel long before the duel begins. They rush off to find him. Biography [ edit ] Weevil promised the boy a rare card if he could sneak the card ” Parasite Paracide ” episod Joey Wheeler ‘s Deck. Retrieved from ” https: Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted.

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In the Japanese, the kid tells Jounouchi he’s been collecting autographs from all the duelists he sees.

But Mai’s already got four locator cards, and Yugi has three! At the hospital, Serenity hears the door of her room open. Moto spot them episods Tristan cuts the kid off. Next, Weevil tells Joey he has a parasite in his deck. With Joey’s monsters all turned into Insect-types thanks to the parasite, he is now completely incapable of attacking.


Views Read Edit View history. Jounouchi always likes a new challenge, she gs.

Cut from the US version is a short scene of the parasite bubbling in Panther Warrior’s head and exploding out its mouth. Yugi knows one of Marik’s Rare Hunters is after him.

Then the nurse stops in the doorway and asks if Serenity heard anyone come in. Joey opens with Swordsman of Landstar in attack mode, and plays one card face down. Characters Unnamed characters Yu-Gi-Oh! But Grandpa says he’ll come along with them and help them find him. Now he wants the rare card Weevil promised him. Weevil then plays the Cocoon of Evolution, which cocoons the Larvae Moth, giving it a defense of points.

Sympathizing with his fears, Serenity doesn’t turn him into the nurse and out of gratitude, Kenta logs onto the Battle City website to check out Joey’s latest duel for her. He’s determined to be ready for him.

After the nurse leaves, Serenity tells the little boy he can come out now. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. Navigation Yugipedia Help Random page Mobile preview. Serenity’s visitor finds Joey’s duel on the computer, and worriedly tells her that Joey’s dueling the Regional Champion National Champion in the Japanese.

Weevil’s helper

Joey starts the duel strong, episoed summoning Jinzo, the card he won from Espa Roba in his last duel, and putting a nice dent in Weevil’s life points.

Mai and Yugi are waiting for Joey in the town square in the morning for the second day of the tournament. Joey switches his monsters to defense mode, then Weevil attacks with Leghul again. He then asked to hold Joey’s Duel Disk and promptly ran away with it when Joey consented.

This web site, its operators, and any content contained on this site relating to Yu-Gi-Oh! But Weevil says his Great Moth will crush Joey when it emerges in four turns! Weevil’s monster is destroyed, but when it goes to the graveyard, it automatically summons the even stronger Flying Kamakiri 2 Flying Mantis!

Maximillion Pegasus Pegasus J. Joey remembers Yugi’s duel with the Rare Hunter. The scene of Leghul stabbing Jounouchi’s leg with its pincers is obscured in the US version. Weevil says it’s time to get serious, and summons the Larvae Moth, which Joey recognizes as the card Weevil used against Yugi.


When they ask who stole it, he describes a guy with “bug eyes and head like a blue beetle,” and the gang realize he’s talking about Weevil Underwood. She’s searching for a little boy who’s afraid to have his x-rays taken, but Serenity tells her there’s no one there. Joey plays Alligator Sword in defense mode, and plays another card face-down, telling Weevil he’s ready to face the Great Moth.

Weevil sets a monster in face-down defense mode, and Joey attacks with Jinzo. In the Japanese, she says she thinks that nurse is mean, too. Joey draws Jinzo, the card he won from Roba, and sacrifices the Swordsman of Landstar to summon it to the field. Tristan and Grandpa call out encouragement, telling Joey to stay calm. He rushes off to meet Weevil in an alley, explaining that he did just what Weevil asked.

Two more turns pass, in which Joey can do nothing, while Weevil nibbles away at his life points with Leghul. The boy met up with Weevil and told him that the plan was a success.

Yugi reassures him that there’s plenty of time yet, and the three split up to go find more duels. At the hospital, the little boy tells Serenity that Joey’s in trouble, but Serenity says Joey’s been in tough situations before, and he always comes through.

And even more pleased when the boy says his sister has a big crush on Joey. Joey meets up with Yugi and Mai to check on their respective progress in the tournament, jey is dismayed to see that he has the fewest locator cards out of the three of them. Joey brings out another monster and attacks, but Weevil activates Insect Barrier, which stops all opposing Insect-type monsters from attacking. Japanese Jounouchi says Yugi told him that even when an opponent uses dirty tricks, a True Duelist must play honestly, and win honestly.