The neighbours come to Madhumati when Arnav’s air conditioner knocks out the power. Meanwhile, Anjali and Lavanya are busy buying jewellery for the engagement. Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family. Garima and Khushi have an emotional connect. Later, Khushi irritates Arnav by using Nanda Kishore as her weapon. Arnav recalls his past with Khushi and gets disturbed.

The doctor tells Shyam that Shashi’s condition is critical. Arnav is forced to carry Khushi into the house. Their story consist of many conspiracies, tragedies, heart-break, etc. He and Khushi decide not to talk to each other. Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market. Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. However, Arnav blames Khushi for the troubles. Payal gets emotional on seeing the memorable things packed by Khushi.

Khushi feels guilty about accusing him. Payal doob sense into Khushi and requests her to complete the order so that they can get back Madhumati’s bangles from the pawn shop.

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However, Laxmi gets lost. Shashi is being introduced to the Raizada family. Manorama accuses Payal of attempting to murder her. She and Nani are delighted to see Lavanya shout at her friends for making fun of Nani. Arnav is mesmerised when he sees Khushi in a saree.


She epksode to get him to answer all her questions, but fails to do so. Khushi worries why Arnav messaged her instead of Anjali and prays for him. Nani is eoon irate that Manorama is a slacker when it comes to housework. Shyam seems to be falling for Khushi as well. Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang. Khushi impersonates Manorama and Madhumati to cheer up Payal. Anjali places an order for saris to Khushi. In the meantime, Arnav finds out that the groom is his employee, and he fires him for not defending the bride’s family.

Meanwhile, Shyam learns about Shashi’s heart disease.

Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. Khushi vows to defeat the Raizadas at the Sangeet. Khushi reaches the guest house while Mr.

Anjali leaves a voice message for Arnav. Payal is happy as she and Khushi can go back to Lucknow. Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of payar family. Meanwhile, Kushi suggests making sugar-free sweets. Anjali calls a family meeting and announces that Khushi will not be accepted as a daughter-in-law of the Raizada family until the ritual is performed as per the custom.

Suryaputra Karn Episode 189 – 27th January 2016

Arnav is on his way there doon well. Has Shyam stopped thinking of Khushi? Meanwhile, Khushi keeps irritating Arnav to force him to send her home. Khushi leaves the temple early. Meanwhile, Arnav’s vehicle breaks down on the way to Nainital.


Meanwhile, Arnav feels dizzy while watering the plants. Khushi then decides to meet Arnav in the same restaurant. Khushi submits plaer resignation to Arnav. Arnav and Lavanya are furious when Khushi barges into their meeting. Meanwhile, Anjali feels dizzy and wants Khushi to go with Shyam to get medicines.

What is the reason? Nani calls up Anjali and asks her to return home soon. Is Shyam buying roses for Khushi?

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Later, Khushi feels humiliated when Arnav tears her dupatta. She occupies his bed, forcing him to sleep by the poolside. Nani and Lavanya continue their fake fight to make Khushi stay.