Beena thanks Payal for her help. Nani gifts honeymoon tickets to the newly married couples. Khushi informs Payal about the Raizada family’s decision. Upon meeting, Arnav and Khushi share a romantic moment and get lost in each other. Arnav is shocked to find Khushi in his cupboard. Will Arnav be able to retrieve them? Nani refuses to let Lavanya stay with them any longer, but the latter shocks everybody by proposing to Arnav. Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone?

Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. Nani gets anxious about Anjali and informs Arnav about it. Arnav is sarcastic when she refuses to do it. Khushi fights with Arnav for subjecting her to such misery. Arnav is enraged as he gets to know that Khushi spoke about his relationship with Lavanya to Nani and sends her to work at his guest house. Anjali tries to console her while she misses her parents. The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Arnav learns about Khushi’s broken engagement with Shyam.

Arnav then informs everyone about his break-up with Lavanya. Lavanya apologises for insulting Nani and for spoiling the party.

Shashi’s suspicion grows when he learns about Shyam’s absence from court. Madhumati pulls out her wedding dress for Khushi. What is the reason nzam his decision? How long will Khushi survive in the office? Meanwhile, Lavanya fails to impress Nani again.

All are shocked when Khushi declares that she will not leave the job as she knows she is right. Meanwhile, Shyam reminds Anjali to wear the stolen necklace. He tries to physically hurt himself while talking to her. Lavanya is shocked when Nani asks her to prepare dinner. She opens a sweet shop in front of their house. Arnav sleeps on the sofa, ordering Khushi to sleep naamm the bed.


Is Pyaar Ko kya Naam Doon 16th September 2011 Jalabhi Bhai Ki entry

Khushi threatens to expose Shyam before Anjali. Manorama and Anjali catch Akash holding a dupatta. Meanwhile, Nani doubts Lavanya’s cooking skills and Manorama reveals the truth about the dinner preparation. He learns about their poor financial condition, isa plans to help them. Manorama insults Payal in front wtarplayer all the guests.

Khushi panics when Akash obediently signs. She asks Arnav for a small loan to pay for the purchases. Nani finds Anjali’s necklace on Laxmi’s neck.

While a frustrated Lavanya drinks, Shyam escapes the ztarplayer. He puts the scorpion on Anjali’s bed in a bid to kill her. Nani, however, insists Arnav to play Ranjha’s role.

Khushi is stunned when Lavanya fires her. Payal tries to befriend Bubbly, but Manorama intervenes. Shyam is displeased to see Arnav and Khushi together. Later, Nani introduces Shyam to Khushi’s family.

Payal gets emotional on seeing the memorable things packed by Khushi. Khushi gets an SMS from Arnav.

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He asks Khushi for her driving licence. However, Anjali tells him about Khushi getting the contract for the sweets. Meanwhile, Shyam purchases the duplicate key, but Akash’s father sees him doing so.

Later, Arnav is shocked to see Khushi’s video on his laptop. Later, Madhumati tells her parents about Shyam. Khushi kl curious to know how Arnav has her anklet. Khushi suspects Shyam to have stolen the legal papers, but he denies it. Khushi feeds chat to Arnav and thinks he bought it for her, but he tells that it’s for episodf.


Later, Nani invites Khushi’s family for the pooja, but Lavanya decides to spoil it. Meanwhile, an angry Khushi spills hot tea on Arnav.

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Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi. Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave. Nani gifts honeymoon tickets to the newly married couples.

This upsets Arnav and he threatens to leave the house. Shyam gets displeased on learning that Arnav and Khushi came home together.

Khushi calling Arnav ”swami” amuses the whole family. Arnav saves her and clears all accusations after reading the letter. Lavanya buys the dresses suggested by Khushi. Arnav leaps to rescue Khushi from a speeding car. But Manorama threatens to cancel the order. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding.

She then decides to look for Laxmi. Shyam makes another attempt to kill Anjali. Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show. Arnav agrees to go with Khushi after a lot of persuasion. Shyam is relieved to know that Anjali did not hear his conversation. Shyam searches for papers in Arnav’s room.