Theory, Methods and Applications , since Computational fluid dynamics and flow in porous media. Numerical Methods in the Geosciences, March , Science and Engineering , June 11 — July 13, A 4 th -year undergraduate student from China Univ of Petroleum, Beijing. Sun, David Keyes, Omar M. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Finite element methods and mesh adaptation. Numerical Methods in the Geosciences, March , Nanjing University, China First position afterward: September 20 —November 1, Science and Engineering , Modeling and simulation of fractures in rock. Patzek, and Ibrahim Hoteit.

Li, Patent in China: Sun, Victor Calo, and Zhiping Lai. China University of Petroleum, Beijing, December Sun, Fluid mechanics of liquid phase and its effects on distillation in a column containing structured packingDoctor of Engineering dissertation, Tianjin University, National Congress on Computational Mechanics, Zhiping Lai, Ingo Pinnau, S.

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Mass Transfer and Separation Engineering. Philipps University of Marburg, Germany First position afterward: Adaptive finite element methods for flow in fractured porous media Previous institution awarding PhD: Tsinghua University, China First position afterward: September — Present. MthSc Introduction to Scientific Computing.


College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering. Assistant Professor, Shenzhen University, China.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore First position afterward: Mass Transfer and Separation Engineering Thesis advisor: Sun joined via Skype. Mikhail MoshkovBasem Shihadaand S. December 16, to December 30, Engineer, Saudi Arabian Oil Company. January 31, to March 7, expected. seriws

Sun as a team memberSeptember — September MthSc Computer Analysis in Engineering. Junemy talk: Date of Thesis Submission: Sun, “A generalized power-law scaling law for a two-phase imbibition ijnaam a porous medium”, J.

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Referee for Funding Agencies. Boltzmannstrasse 3, D Garching, Germany. On leave of absence during August — August Institute of Petroleum Engineering. Aswan Faculty of Science, Aswan, Egypt. Mail boxThuwalKingdom of Saudi Arabia. Patzek, and Ibrahim Sreies First position after graduation: ElAminand S.

Sun, Ravi Samtaney, and Rolf Krause. Mewes, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.