Can I get back in to change it? Just send an e-mail to program idfa. The files will be sent to you in digital form. By submitting a project to IDFA Forum , you agree that the project will not be withdrawn after selection. The pre-selection form includes, among other items, an extensive budget, finance plan, and production schedule. We want to encourage everyone to attend the festival and artists involved in a project selected for the DocLab program are eligible for a free guest badge. We will confirm receipt of your entry by e-mail. Your entry or accreditation will not be taken into consideration until we receive your payment.

The committee will take into consideration the artistic quality, uniqueness of the content, stage of development, subject, extent of exposure at other internationals markets, amount of financing in place and genre. This name may appear on your bank statement. Only creative documentaries completed after September 1, are eligible for Docs for Sale in Amsterdam. This name may appear on your bank statement. Submit your film to Docs for Sale. If this is within the European Union, you need to fill out your VAT details in the billing address field. Exploring documentary storytelling in the age of the interface. We love to hear about your ideas, so you can also get in touch via doclab idfa.

If selected, in which format will my film be screened at the festival? In assessing projects the fund will consider 1 the strength and originality of the treatment, 2 the originality and urgency iflm the story, 3 the vision and ability of the director and 4 the financial feasibility of the project.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure the password is valid up until the end of idga festival. We are offering the following methods to pay the entry fee: If your film is being or has been made with support from the IDFA Bertha Fundplease send an e-mail to idfaberthafund idfa.


For performances, installations or for projects that cannot be sent digitally, please provide extensive visual and written documentation. I want to submit my film to Suubmission. All Dutch submissions and all submissions done by private persons only with no company attached will need to pay VAT and will be charged in the IDFA invoice. Entry for IDFA is now closed.

sybmission Past events [The Brain] 24 Nov at If selected, how will my work be presented at the festival? The selection committee will determine which pitch category a project is most suited for. Can I get a refund? Only projects that have been submitted according to the IDFA Forum entry regulations below will be considered.


Your application will be considered once we have received the online screener. Genres such as nature documentaries, travelogues, corporate and informational films are not eligible for selection. The entry form will be online June 15, Will I be invited to attend the festival? In this case applications have to be accompanied by an edited sequence or a selection of the rough cut of around 20 minutes.

This name may appear on your bank statement. The Social Sorting Experiment. At the time of application, you must include contracts or dezdline that prove any financial investment listed in your entry form. If this is within the European Union, you need to fill out your VAT details in the billing address field.

The right to screen the final documentary in any IDFA related non-commercial screening in the Benelux. Sign up for the newsletter Sign up. Regulations for Documentary Projects. How can I submit my project? Unfortunately, we apply a fim refund policy.


Your payment will be handled by PayPal. Submission of a film 1. Priority is given to projects that have not yet been presented at other events or festivals. Vimeo or YouTube links must be in our office on the day of the deadline. How can I pay? General selection regulations A maximum of two projects can be selected per company.

The applicants of the pre-selected projects will receive a more extensive application form, which must be completed and returned within a week. Project Development applications should also be accompanied by one previous work, preferably representative for the style of the filmmaker. Do I need to pay VAT? Additional material is welcome. Regulations Eligibility The director of the project should have the nationality of a country as defined on the IBF Classic Country List and should live and work in this country.

Discount codes are only available if someone from the IDFA staff has reached out to you.

Film entry for IDFA 2018 is now open

If you have any further questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email at docsforsale idfa. What is the difference between world, international, European and Dutch premieres?

Providing visual materials trailer or other examples of your project is highly recommended.

Vimeo is a global platform and is used as an industry standard for filmmakers to share and present their work online.