After making the four-day drive from Vancouver, Jeff and Chad are looking for a swank Toronto condo to share with their beloved cat, Chopper. A straight-talking Savannah couple, Susan and Joseph are desperate to get out of their rental nightmare and into the family starter home of their dreams. But when she leads them to the perfect property, a round of high-stakes negotiations puts them in the hot seat. Tired of their cramped basement apartment, Tracy and Paul want to return to their rural roots and are hoping to find a dream home outside Toronto that will make them both happy. Fixer Upper 4pm 3c. A course correction leads to a luxury townhouse where Egypt gives her client a lesson in real estate

Her first two options look great but aren’t the perfect fit, will Egypt help satisfy another client? Jen has a new lease on life since being struck by lightning. Realtor Todd Talbot and designer Jillian Harris compete for the homeowners’ final decision to stay or go. With her finances on track, she’s looking forward to independent living. Will Lynne hear the music and make the biggest purchase of her life? She’s determined to help find them a budget-friendly Tampa home that will work for their future plans and their menagerie of exotic birds. Fixer Upper 2pm 1c. And after scouring the city’s upscale suburbs in search of a super-size starter home, the couple confronts a dilemma property virgins rarely face.

If the clients choose to purchase one of the properties, the host helps them decide on an offer and negotiate a contract.

Property Virgins

Realtor and flipping expert Egypt Sherrod takes them under her wing and soon lands a choice property for less than the asking price. She vows to get the couple settled in the home of virgine dreams. Using his demo strength and her design sense, they’ll create stunning showplaces with the hopes of winning big in Sin City. But can any listing possibly score a perfect ten?


Flipping Virgins

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. During the house hunt, the first challenge for realtor and flipping expert Egypt Sherrod is getting the couple to see past the ugly in a potential flip.

Caribbean Life 12am 11c. Buying and Selling 7am 6c. Season 3, Episode 6 A Flipping Family Affair Expecting their first baby, a couple steps up to the challenge and prepares to tackle their first-ever flip.

epiwodes Season 3, Episode 12 Father and Daughter Flippers A father-daughter duo is determined to transform a modest nest egg into a handsome profit that will pad her children’s college fund. Husband-and-wife renovation pros are flipping Palm Springs, CA, one house at a time!

Beachfront Bargain Hunt 3am 2c. Autumn is a year-old cellar dweller who is ready to step into the light. House Hunters International 2am 1c. They all get along famously, but their lifestyles are different, and that can make buying a home together very stressful.

Property expert Egypt Sherrod steps in to keep the image-conscious buyer in check and help lead her to the starter home of her dreams. They agree they need plenty of space and lots of amenities, but with her New England charm and his Florida-native vibe, can they find a property that suits them both? Views Read Edit View history. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Aside from the tight deadline, being in the army means Craig could be relocated without notice, so any turnkey property needs to rental-ready from the start.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt 3: An Atlanta architect wants to buy an upscale townhouse in a swanky urban neighborhood, but pproperty budget presents an obstacle to reaching her high-end dream home, and so Egypt encourages her image-conscious client to make some compromises.


Buying and Selling 11am 10c.

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Egypt leads a high-octane house hunt. Property Brothers All New Wednesdays 9 8c. But when Stafford realizes he’s not at all interested properhy home renovations or maintenance, the search for an older property quickly shifts gears.

With their baby girl, Rodney and Brenda have outgrown their apartment and are hoping to find a three-bedroom San Diego dream home. Realtor Egypt Sherrod helps them find a dated property with profit potential and seals the deal well below asking.

A Star Is Born 4. Tired of living in his pgoperty basement and looking to buy a move-in-ready home of his own, naturopathic hgvt Jonothon has his heart set on the mature inner-city neighborhood he grew up in. Newlyweds and property virgins Glen and Sarah live in a cramped apartment — so cramped that their wedding gifts are all currently in storage.

Will Agents of S. Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the quirks rpoperty buying real estate in other countries.

In a voice-over, the host briefly eepisodes the neighborhood of the property she is about to show, then tells the viewer the square footage and asking price of the home. Greg and Erin have been renting a property in Yonkers but dream of raising their two daughters in a home of their own. Season 18, Episode 1 January 5,