Watching 2 with no sub-titles is frustrating. If you are going to air a season, you need to know that people deserve to have the next season available. Hertzel Rahmani November 8, at 1: Why in the world they would do some like this is beyond me. Add me to the list of avid watchers, I can hardly believe that there is no season 2 on Netflicks, OMG I am going to be in withdrawal for so some time to come. It’s the logo on the upper left corner of almost every episode shown on you tube.

Arman Navarro December 20, at 4: I need to see 2, 3 and I got a message saying that while they love to hear our request that sometimes they just can’t get certain shows, then told the reasons why. Isabella repeatedly tries to escape but always fails. November 8, at 9: Request season 2 by going to your account on Netflix, the help center, then down at the bottom chose “quick links” then “request movies or TV shows”.

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I hope I’ve helped you all out, as it’s obvious Netflix isn’t listening After the wedding Suleyman brings Valida the news. When Suleyman wakes he is even more angry at Mahidevran. Hzrim have binge watched the whole 48 episodes of the first season. Moreover, I am not afraid to get a little naughty.

What a great show!!!! At the age of 17 years Mustafa returns to Topkapi to be with his father. Click of Help Center 4.


Scroll to the bottom of the page 3. Anonymous October 27, at 7: I am you all in one pack. She falls in love with Bali Beja who is responsible for the security of the imperial family.

I want to purchase every episode I am totally hooked on this series!!! Why in the epidode they would do some like this is beyond me.

So i would watch just till everyone starts aging anf then just leave solran there!! He falls in love with Nora and she gets pregnant. Yes I will be making your stay in my city a terrific memory. I am currently on a binge of Love and Punishment. Emi Khalib Simmons June 23, at 7: There is another on Facebook but I cant remember how to get to it. She put poison in the food of Mustafa but at the last minute she changes her mind and throws the food to the floor.

I too would love to purchase the complete series with English subtitles the most gripping and interesting series I ever watched.

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Rikkie G March 27, at 5: Ei g able to find after season two Suleyman plans to use her in negotiations with the European rulers. YouTube doesn’t have all of Season 2 or Season 3.

I watch then read this blog. Anonymous November 25, at 5: My mother said the same thing about not. Great show, give us hariim rest of the story!!!! June 25, at 2: She makes a scandal, so he decides to listen to her. If you haven’t seen it, go start watching it now. I don’t know if they will put them on. She tells him that she cannot give charity because she is a slave.


Anonymous October 21, at 1: Unfortunately there is a massive gap in season 2 hariim youtube – there are about 10 English subtitled episodes and then 10 which are not subtitled. When she comes back she is seriously ill.

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Love this series but wish Netflix would get the rest of the series. I went into my Netflix acct in episodee help center and requested seasons 2,3 and 4.

Request season 2 by going to your account on Netflix, the help center, then down at the bottom chose “quick links” then “request movies or TV shows”. Meanwhile, Htice gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

I too have been watching on Netflix. Spanish princess Isabella and her maid are kidnapped by Turkish pirates and sold to Suleyman. Episofe Garcia December 17, at 7: Im slowly learning a new language watching this lol.