Be the first to hear about our new reviews, exclusive interviews and features. Also nicknamed the “razor”, our hero is the envy of all the other men in town A far cry from the usual, but a Classic non-the-less. All three movies are bizarre mindblowin’ masterpieces. At 26 minutes, 13 seconds we lose about 25 seconds of audio and at 84 minutes and 15 seconds a few frames missing resulting in an uneven jump cut. Read the quote above. The women of his cases have heard of his reputation and fear not only his steel, but also his personal sword as he uses both with incredible dexterity. Hanzo rapes any woman who withholds information including the good ones!!???

Zatoichi is basically a nice guy While Hansho has no jurisdiction here, like Dirty Harry, he jumps right in because of his own sense of justice. Written by the creator of the manga classic, Lone Wolf and Cub , and starring Shintaro Katsu, known to his hordes of fans as Zatoichi, Hanzo “The Razor” Itami, incorruptible protector of the common man, returns in his second and even more perverse mystery. Who should see this movie? Read the quote above. He fights his way up the ladder of government officials to find the most corrupt. The plot is pretty convoluted, but this time it’s very entertaining and very easy to follow.

In addition to flaunting the rules of police brutality, Hanzo treats the shogunate’s strict hierarchy with complete disdain.

Helped once more by super cinematography, direction and editing, this is another fine mix of activities, plus even more disregard for the Japanese tendency to put up with almost anything for the sake of order and tradition. And despite the fact that The Snare recycles many of the elements from the first film, it’s more outrageous sex and gore guarantees another thoroughly satisfying experience for those exploitation fans who enjoyed the original: Bottom line for me is that I am very happy with these films – I probably can’t show friends in ‘mixed company’ but maybe segments to bring some smiles.

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Instead of the usual Shinto nunnery, here the place is filled with ladies who have been drugged and are abused in all sorts of sadistic ways. Heroes of other films have weapons of choices like guns or swords, thee similar phallic objects to assert their manliness on a symbolic, subconscious level.


Zatoichi is basically a nice guy And, for those of you who like rape, there is rape Written by the creator of the manga classic, Lone Wolf and Cuband starring Shintaro Katsu, known to his hordes of fans as Zatoichi, Hanzo “The Razor” Itami, incorruptible protector of the common man, returns hqnzo his second and even more perverse mystery.

How it passed censors in somewhat ‘stayed’ Japan is a mystery – let’s see – bound women with sexual techniques performed upon them to coerce testimony a spinning sex chair seems Hanzo’s tool of choice.

Subtitles For Hanzo the Razor: The Snare

Hanzo the Razor is a fairly drastic departure from Zatoichi in many respects. This investigation leads him Monk-style to a Temple where young girls are sold to wealthy businessmen for torture and rape, with an abortion business hanzk the side. The premise certainly sounds nasty enough, but as the saying goes, if it were all about the story, there wouldn’t be any need to make the film.

I am a huge fan subritles the Zatoichi series, so it’s not surprising that I decided to watch the first Hansho the Razor film. There is enough that’s different to hold the attention and if anything there is more blood and flesh on display in this one.

Liner notes and the three trailers.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!! Later, Hansho is sent to defend a local mint razot attack. Technically, Masumura’s film is superb, with excellent direction, beautiful photography, well choreographed swordplay, an excellent funky soundtrack, and a plot that I found easier to follow than Sword of Justice, despite being just as convoluted.

Midnight Eye review: Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice (Goyokiba, , Kenji MISUMI)

I applaud HVE’s attention to detail in admitting this above as almost every other DVD production company in the world might simply ‘let is slide’. Certainly I found these three films delightfully unique, reminding me of Matt Helm combined with Woody Allen’s ” What’s Up Tiger Lily ” and 70’s TV cop shows – throw in extensive soft-porn and you are starting to approach “Hanzo”.


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The visuals continue to astonish, and some of the shots of the alleyway full of lit lanterns can easily stand up to those from Zhang Yimou’s Raise the Red Lantern. Now Snarre will face a skilled sword as dangerous as his. What else do you need? The film is full of eccentric characters, and supporting cast is also great.

Subtitles for Hanzo the Razor: The Snare

A great message to tell the audience–torture and rape someone and they’ll be your friend for life!!! The Snare” is even sleazier. His first adventure sees him investigating his superior officer’s mistress, whom he suspects of having ties with a reputed criminal on the loose. Well, while Hansho is still a very sick puppy, he rapes fewer and the film isn’t as explicit as the first one. At his personal torture chamber, Hanzo ruthlessly interrogates the priestess, but when inflicting pain fails to make her talk, he hanao to use another method to loosen her lips phnarr, phnarr!

Yasuzo Masumura therefore replaced Misumi in the director’s chair for the sequel, and he sure did an outstanding job. Snaer blood flows like Niagara Falls, Hanzo has no problem torturing folks during interrogations, he does his own autopsies using mostly his fingers, and he his pretty much a rude jerk to everyone he encounters.

We get a lady suffering the blocks this time and a reprise of the lady in the net lowering onto the big man’s big Mailing list Stay up to date with the latest and best in Japanese cinema.