He decided running away from them, making his college friends teasing about it. The transformation call is “Souchaku! This form and finisher is exactly the same one as the human-sized version, but scaled-up in magnitude and power as well as gaining the power to deflect attacks similar to that of Shirogane’s GenSeiShin “Ryuuto”. However, he acts on his own to sake her own desire to kill Demon Knight. Juu-Riser is the combined form of Kouki and Riseross where Kouki’s body splits into two to become the legs and upper torso with Riseross flips over to form the central body and its legs becoming the arms of the combined mecha, finishing it with the Riseross’s tail becoming Juu-Riser’s horn cannon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In this form, Riser Glen becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit.

Her marine-coloured suit’s design is based on the Japanese Kuno-ichi Female Ninja with her helmet bearing the Tiger Motif. Shinya Hiraga is a 2nd-year College student in Kyonan University majoring in robotic engineering. He has feelings for Yuka. But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers in both human form and as Demon Knight. It also changes Shouta’s personality to a calmer and non-violent kind, contrasting the original to such an extent that he has on many occasions even spared an enemy or gave them a chance to retreat, only to be forced to kill them when they refuse. He later uses Glen to take out Demon Knight before taking out the Justiriser. Much to some comical situations where she and Mio are under the Date household and assists in the appliance shop. Tohru has a nephew named Kazuya, who is emotionless since his older sister as well as Kazuya’s mother were hospitalized.

Immediately, she tells Shinya that she want to pilot Riseross by combining it with Ranga. Losing to the Justirisers, Kurogane enlarges into a new form as he proceeds to level the city justrisers being destroyed by giant Shirogane.

It was only after Shouta saved him from Hades and then the appearance of Mira that Demon Knight’s eipsode nature is revealed, eventually joining the Justirisers as an ally against the Daruga Army. Though normally in Earth’s orbit, the Shadestar enters Earth when Ryuto is invoked, during Daruga’s attack on Riseross and the SeiShinJuu, and finally fighting Kurogane before it is destroyed. Diglos is the justifisers of the enemy space warships.

But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers in both human form and as Demon Knight.

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Several females high school students called him “Shin-sama”. She would rather go back to being a regular schoolgirl, as her duties interfere more and more with her social life.


justirisdrs But after Daruga severs his escape route, a fearful Adrorocs is forced to fight for his life until Shirogane destroys him. Zeross Cannondestructive super-heated plasma missiles fired from its shoulder cannons; Zeross Flarewhich involves firing an energy beam from its mouth; and Zeross Crushera pair of serrated wheels on its chest that can spin and slice into the enemy. Her awakening as a Justiriser came episoed a monster attack in which she tries to save a young girl from collapsing rubble in which the Justipower of Wind created a barrier to protect both of them, and she was given her Kageri’s InLoader in the process which she only used it after she saw Shouta becoming Riser Glen and decides to save him while he was attacked the second genseihsin.

The show aired 51 episodes between October 2, and September 24, And he was given Gant’s InLoader as a result. He later investigates, and tests Shirakawa, his superior, by asking about his daughter, while implying that she was a boy by a form of address. After being saved by Danhauser, he manages to regain his ability to become Demon Knight at the cost of Danhauser being fatally wounded when he took an attack meant for Demon Knight.

While the Justirisers try to find the way to match up Giant Zora’s teleportation power, the giant blue tiger, Ranga finally appears to save Juu-Riser from being continuously attacked by the enemy. Kaiser Hades and Daruga Imperial Army who want to defeat Justirisers and captured, invaded and destroyed earth, but all of them are eliminated in the story episodes.

But when Kujo learns the truth, Adoroc decides to have the military kill off the Jusirizers and company as they escape their cell. Ultimate Genseishin JustiKaiser is the most powerful of the four GenSeiShin, and can fight very well in both 188 and long-range combat. Unlike Shouta, who is set in his path of protecting humanity, Yuka is much more conflicted.

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Jusirisers uses its chest for its finishing attack, Justi Novawhich releases an immensely powerful burst of multicoloured energy that is capable of destroying even the strongest giant space beast genseishib one hit, including Kaiser Hadess in his giant form. The transformation call is “Souchaku! But when his plan is foiled during his fight against Shirogane, Hades enlarges into his true form.

Chouseishin Series — Weakened by a revived Glen, Zora is killed for good by Kageri.


They were first used by Dr. He is known to slack off from both schoolwork and kendo practice.

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Learning of Hades’ death, he spearheads the Earth destruction back up plan while having his Rejandar forces hold the Justirises off until he arrives to Earth. However, she acts on her own to sake her own desire for revenge against her and the other Justi Risers. The “Gant Slugger” can be powered-up to become the “Gant Buster” gensfishin activates two additional genseiehin at the centre of the weapon as well as the Target Anchor that locks onto the enemy, justifisers Gant to perform this form’s finisher “Varsus Cannon” that shoots out powerful lightning bolts from all its barrels to pulverize his enemy, while another of Gant’s finisher “Thrust Shoot” can be performed with the “Gant Rifle” mode.

Though revived, the injury he received from Glen forces Hades to leave in his battleship into subspace, summoning Bachuss and his Judtirisers Commandos to kill the Justirisers while sending Demon Knight to Earth. Its powerful finisher “JustiCrash” is genseishih a resemblance tenseishin Riser Glen’s “Raging Flame” finisher but with the combined powers of the three Justirisers’ energy that is capable of taking out the most powerful of enemies.

It mainly relies on close combat, where it’s nigh-infinite strength along with its powerful clawed hands allow it to deflect seemingly unstoppable enemy attacks such as when it easily deflected all of Megarion’s drill projectiles with just its claws or gain the upper hand in battle such as against a giant Kaiser Hadess, where it easily shattered Hadess’s massive sword. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But when confronted with danger, she does not hesitate to fight. Kageri’s Justipower utilizes powers of Wind in her Shinobi-style moves with High-Speed attacks being her specialty, allowing her to perform moves such as “Tornado Splash” that allows her to evade enemy attacks.

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It takes much for anyone to become friends with him, and earning his trust is hard. He has feelings for Yuka. After defeating Kageri, he is confronted by Demon Knight who fights him to pay back for the earlier attempt on his life.