See the exclusive trailer”. The Flock runs after her, but is too late. According to Max, Anne acts “in an un-adoptive Mom way” and tries to convince the Flock that they had dreamed their adventure away from the School. Views Read Edit View history. In The Angel Experiment she meets Max, treating her bullet wound. They rush Max to the veterinary practice. Based on this information, they theorize that Pruitt was a patient who killed everyone else in the asylum and founded the school.

In Angel , Iggy is brainwashed by the Doomsday Group. It is later revealed that he is alive and help take down the Remedy. Jeb wakes a young Max inside her cage and leads her out of the school to his car, where the other kids are waiting. This sets fire to the tree and the tree house. He is greedy, with a lust for power; in battle he is strong. In the middle of the fight, he suddenly dies. The woman she’s talking to says that the Flock is expendable, but dangerous and must be controlled. As they drive away, Ari bursts out of the building, calling for his father.

The School made him hunt the Flock. His small black mvoie, developed in The Final Warninghave grown to their full size, and he can fly without difficulty. She warns the original Max about how fast Itex is killing the mutants and says that they have a day ridde they too are terminated.

She was eventually rescued by the rest of the flock. She had been spying on the Flock aided by Ari because they annoyed her. As they drive away, Ari bursts out of the building, calling for his father.

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Mentioned by Fang in the epilogue of Fang and later clarified by Jeb and Dr. Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a negative review, writing “You’ve seen it before, and done a lot better. She is petite, “pretty and blonde” however, she has red hair in the fifth book. They are all often viewed as her children, though Max sometimes forgets that she is not much older than the rest of them. Roland ter Borcht is a brilliant, controversial German geneticist who was notorious for sinister experiments he performed on humans.

Nudge’s agzzy are a tawny brown, sometimes described as cream in coloration.


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Martinez reluctantly operates on Max. Although Max wins the first test a racethe Director disqualifies her because Max flew; it was “a race on the ground”. Flyboys are strong, fast and nimble both in the air and on the ground. There are also clones of Nudge and Angel, but they are never mentioned again. He is also seen in mocie beginning of “Fang”, when found to be experimenting with refugees in Chad, Africa.

Fang soon has to fight erasers and comes across Dylan. He returns in Angeloffering maxi,um take Max and Dylan to Germany where they could have children and establish a post-apocalyptic dynasty. In ” Maximum Ride: His wings resemble a barn owl ‘s in color, and his wingspan is 10 feet 3. Soon after Thanksgiving Max is cornered by the school’s manner and several whitecoats, which convinces her it is time to leave.

Martinez arrives, Fang hides. Ter Borcht is first mentioned in School’s Out Agzzywhen Max finds his name in some documents she stole from Itex and then finds out more about him through an online search engine. Jeb offers her chocolate chip cookies, but she no longer trusts him, realizing that he never really rescued them, and their safe house in the woods was a test all along.

Angel spying for the Flock knocks him unconscious. Maimum travels to North America, trying to find a girl who posted something on his blog. Hans in AngelGen have powers either given maximhm them by laboratories or developed naturally. Tess is a tall girl, fide 14, who appears in School’s Out Forever. Angel can breathe underwater, talk to animals, send animals mental messages, and change her appearance at will, although this power is mentioned only once or twice throughout the series.

She is last seen convalescing in a United States Navy infirmary. Fang is jealous and mocks the budding relationship. The chip recorded Max’s flight speed and height, giving the Director information to relay to the Chinese scientists.

In Maximum Ride Forever, Dylan pretends to work with his father as he attempts to kill off the flock.

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In his rage, he doesn’t notice her stealing his key card. She fails the other test, and the Director ignores her protests that the tests are a waste of time and have nothing to do with being able to survive. Max says that although her name is Phoenix, she plans on giving her the ability to choose her own name like she did. In the fifth book the Flock’s new enemy, Mr. Meanwhile, Angel senses voices and goes outside, where she is captured by Erasers.


She is only briefly spoken of in the last book of the series mlvie she begins her first flying lessons with her family. However, the Director has no problem with submitting Max to horrible “tests”.

One cookie’s a snack, two’s a meal. Max catches her, and she treats the Flock’s injuries; Total sees her leaving the house with Jeb. Kate Tan Wei Ying is the third member of Fang’s flock, who appears at a hotel where the rest of the gang is waiting. Can see a post-it note at yards, can hear whispers at a distance of a mile, and is very macho.

She stops at the edge of a cliff and jumps, only to wake up from her dream. The Flock escapes from the school, returning to the house to get Total. He is greedy, with a lust for power; in battle he is strong. In Forever, she ends up leading the mutant army mqximum destroy the Remedy. Max later finds a note that states Dylan knew she didn’t love him, but he wanted her to be happy.

They recover at the School, in cages, but are initially overjoyed to find Angel.

In School’s Out ForeverMax is kidnapped and replaced by Max II; however, she is exposed by announcing she was going to cook despite the fact that Max doesn’t like to cook or can’t cookby her ignorance of the Flock, and by Angel’s mind-reading Angel very conveniently forgot that she could read minds until both Maxes were in the same room.

Max keeps pushing Fang away but he never gives up on her.

Martinez promises Max support; Max excuses herself. Meanwhile, Angel begins to cry after extensive testing and electric shocks.