Things That Bugged Me: We meet all the young ninja and are introduced to Team 7, kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. For a moment you looked smarter than Sakura, deciding to move on from Sasuke once it became clear that he saw you as nothing but expendable. Now on to why it sucked. Gaara is put in charge of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Gaara has been kidnapped and The remnants of Team 7 are sent after him. The Uchiha are a clan of little bitches! If anything though, I question why it needed to transform.

How was he supposed to foresee Naruto suddenly being able to communicate with the other hosts and tailed beasts on a spiritual level? This was supposed to be the closest thing the world had to a god, with Kaguya being its true identity, yet it continually found itself underperforming to expectations. It all started when for some inexplicable reason, one decent verbal comeback from Gaara was enough to get Ohnoki to reconsider his entire life. The problem with this is that it continues a pattern that started during the Year of Sasuke: The secrets of Itachi are finally revealed. Team 7 signs up for the Chunin Exams! Naturally, something this important to both the plot and the development of the involved characters would have to be finely written, given that as far as plotlines go, it definitely ranks among the most prominent goals of the main character, as it in turn relates to the other goals he gains over the course of the story. A second issue with this particular development is the questions it raises.

He went for a sacrifice bunt.

Things that Rocked, Things that Sucked: The Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Like any other tool of the trade, they must be used properly. You can also take a look at the What can I skip guide. Damn it, Minato, could you be any dumber?

Obito turns into a nihilistic psycho with solipsistic dreams simply because his crush died. The guy who wanted to be the master of everything through immortality! Darth Vader succeeds in being a threatening villain who retains his mystique for a good chunk of the story unless of course, you watched the prequels first.


This arc heavily focuses on Team Been playing video games practically since I was born haha. I recommend starting at the beginning.

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Post as a guest Name. The gang may as well throw a fucking parade for all the responses it might get. To be fair though, you could say that about a lot of the previous chapters. Taking a look at the Naruto arcs wiki articles I found Fourth shinobi world war: The Uchiha Curse The revelation about the true curse of hatred associated with the Uchiha clan was brought up during this arc, and boy was it the epitome of shitty writing.

I’ve always wanted to write for a gaming site, reviews mostly but now I’m doing gaming news when ever I can. Instead, we got John Kreese with superpowers and a hard-on for a guy who was sealed away a few hundred chapters ago. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The one who started a war.

Sure, his identity was actually a mystery. Meet your future favorite anime characters.

What makes it worse is that Kishimoto tried to explain this by revealing that, through Tobirama, that Uchihas just love so hard that they go batshit insane when they sorld loss. And while Kishimoto did a decent job showing just how badly he took the revelation, he also failed to consider what it did to the message passed by the Gaiden.

The first ever story arc for Naruto. When we see owrld visit the memorial at different points in the manga, we come to understand just how strongly this impacted him. I mean there might be a change where you can start in the middle, but they might mention something from the past. To wit, Kishimoto set up a visibly contrived situation, and then proceeded to overdo the drama in order to make up for the fact that his fouurth up of the event was piss-poor in its execution.


Clijax ending, Naruto and Sasuke are granted an incredible power rivaled only by the enemy of all Shinobi. But oh well, I would expect Orochimaru to look into ways to get his arms back. Is it really worth it to protect your comrades when doing so only nets you scorn and dishonor?

And this only hurts the moment where Ohnoki flashes back to his youth and thinks about what the first Tsuchikage told him. Except we only learn that he was an orphan long after he was introduced which makes it even weirder that this was never brought up during his earlier appearances when it might have been relevant; an example of this being his developing bond with Kakashi during the Gaiden. It was somehow worse than all the junk that came before. That problem being the manner in which the Uchiha and by extension anything related to shinovi Sage of Six Paths foueth the entire plot.

Every Naruto Story Arc Detailed (NO FILLERS)

Following the first act of the epiwode were a series that could be summed up as the good guys fight Madara, Obito, and the Fohrth Tails for a while, and then Obito tries to become a god. Menu Skip to content. Early on, Kishimoto tried to create a Sauron type of character whose very name inspires dread and who manages to cast a presence even without physically appearing in the story. I’m not new to the Naruto franchise.