So is the video assist portion of the scenerio an extra cost. I want to make sure I have everything someone needs to shoot, not only every lens available but also a top-of-the-line tripod, I already have a new and fully loaded MacBook Pro with software, and I want to make sure that between my friend and I we have at least one backup RED body in case of failure. But International Launch Services, which was conducting the launch, reports that an “anomaly” occurred during the second burn of the Breeze M upper stage. I hear things from places. Just remmember, a film project is not a need its a want. Fess up to what?

Renting gear, creates a direct relationship between money and time. And I’m tired and grumpy. If they are really good at what they do, and there are many on this forum who are pretty darn good at what they do, then they will have an established client base who might have interest in shooting with the camera right out of the gate. It screems logical to me at least, and I strongly believe this goes along the most classical market rules: I would’ve probably come across it on one of those “People who liked this also liked You have to be smart. You need to watch for Ceil-2 that will go to the spot and scheduled for launch in December Hell, depending on how hard times are, you could probably find some willing to go for half that just so they can keep from having to put their Red up on eBay for another week or make their kids skip a meal.

Seriously, this does suck. What the equipment does or how it does it is completely irrelevant to rental prices; because what the equipment does when rented, todogdtv also does when purchased. Personally, I have yet to have an issue with Direct. No glass, no power, no recording options. I’m sorry to see Dish Network had the satellite failure.


You have been loyal and patiently waiting. D What about Marley and Me, does that do it for you? Not to mention the time savings.

That’s not what I’d prefer. Damn that new math I know your toilets flush in the opposite direction down there. Having been in this business for forty years and alway riding on the bleeding edge of technology I have seen time and time again young guys selling there services cheaply – based on what they paid for the technology.

Cleopatra looks shit, and sounds it as well.

That being said, I’m looking forward to the high demand that will flood the market once I and all of you receive our Reds. You eventually got those hdtv channels from direct, but you waited much longer than what dish customers will have to wait for these handful of missing channels that horroor delayed by this launch glitch.: I think there are either 2 or 3 more episodes left.

Dish could do a free swap or something as long as the customer extends their contract. It will probably go down in price a few months after its release so it’s not worthy of a pre-order.

DivX – TV Series

Just give credit where it is due. Any amerixan production is going to be much more concerned with reliability than anything else. I will spill my guts when I get something real or will tell anything I get as a maybe and announce it here as such ASAP.

Nobody is entitled to film equipment especially high end film equipment.

They should not need to write anything off. Thanks for posting the number, it’s good to hear the range that you’ll be aiming for.


The last thing we want is only one satellite company and have it go the stpry of cable. Aah, not filmed yet, that seems like a good enough reason: Know your target [Students? Live action would be my first choice. Finally DirectV got locals.

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So, not all satellites make it, it’s the name of the game. We should price accordingly, and they will pay. I have been living this “Digital” life for a horroor and a half now with the HVX. This is the first time there has been a good release of the UK theatrical version, which I’ll happily accept for now.

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The reason I think my price is fair is because it’s a good balance between horrod my money back in a reasonable period of time yet not charging anyone so much they may as well buy it. Top 29 alternate of ripmoviez. Mike Brennan Mike Brennan. Todohhdtv is unclear whether the satllite is recoverable.

AMC was basically meant for HD locals. I don’t know if they might release the other Mabuse films at some point or other. I’m not sure if I’m going horrot animated it or do it live action. Part of Paramount’s centenary editions. Thanks for looking out for my caboose though. This will use less fuel. I had a bad experience with them once but have ordered since and had no problems.