Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar message looked down on Trump from outer space. Tapesh CD – Ebi. I am 42 fit, and good looking. You are truly a insperation to all those who aspire to reach for the stars. In my opinion, Dr Shariati is the greatest teacher of our time and I know that lots of people are agree with me. They are willing to sacrifize Islam and Iran just to stay on power for another day.

Congratulations on developingthis tremendous site. I had set two alarms to wake me up at morning to see the ISS above Iran. Comment by Amir Sameni — September 23, 4: The back pain is probably caused by the low G environment. Elham – Atash Eshtiagh CD. Once, at midnight I sat in my canoe on a silent lake as smooth as glass. I like it very much. Very great narrative about the common space sickness.

Anyway by this site I learned alot about this great man, and thank You. P Shiraz, Iran – Sakarya-Ada Hello Anousheh, Thank you for your postings gozqshteh the space. I am a Pakistani and had heard much about Dr.

Ali Morshedi Vasvaseh CD?????????? Is it very crowded in Pirs now? He gave us so much.

Dj Maryam Adams Album. I live and work in Suriname, a small Dutch speaking country near Brazil…. Peoples Just like Dr. I think many Iranians owe their adherence to Islam to his illumination of true Islam and shi’ism. Ali Shariati’s works with so beautifully in website form. Comment by lisa from tx — September 23, 3: May Allah swt give rewards to his excellent efforts. Shariati and understands his ideas.


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The back pain is probably caused by the low G environment. Kael for my study. Comment by reza maddahi — September 23, 4: I am now happy to see effort is taking place.

Comment by Pooyeh Salar — September 23, 2: Amir Aram – Asheghaneh CD. Comment by Jakob Shay — September 30, Have a great time, enjoy every second – and tell us more! Comment by Michael McCleary — September 23, 7: Ali Shariati is best teacher for us. Frantz Fanon’s book, the African most greatest revolutionary “The Wretched Of The Earth” to Persian language which has become one of the references for Iranian revolutionery ideology.

That is why now you can work on your project to create a passenger space shuttle that takes ordinary people to the orbit so that more of us can experience first hand what you are experiencing. I like it very much. The analogy of almond and cookie is so down to earth… Wishing u a happy stay!!

Comment by Jules Poirier — September 23, 1: A few kilos of dates for a funeral DVD. For my unique Anousheh. Shariati was the greatest force behind the Iranian revolution which unfortunately has gone stray since its tozashteh.

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Comment by John Stoner — September 24, 6: Sharati Mentioned in Fatima is Fatima Comment by Granger — September 25, He belongs to all moslems and persian speakers and free people of the world.

In Shariati’s life and death, we saw a glimpse of Ahl-e-Bayt. Kheyli khoshhal shodam barat keh in kare bozorg ro anjam dadi. Comment by Noushin Pegah — September 23, Ideol ogy is quite different from the governing of a state.


I asked you to do this becase I think you are nearer to him! Eeshan hameye ranjha ra baraye javanan keshid va dar akhar be magham bolande shahadat nazel shod ke maghame shohada bolandtar az maghame uliaye khodast.

Sogand CD – Haydeh. His ideas are as much timeless as they are timely in this day and age. I am writing an essay about Dr. It was very hard for all those who knew Late Dr. On the first day at the university, one of the professors mentioned your trip in his speech though he had not enough info and everybody said a thing.

Zia – Ghayeghran Album CD.

Asghar Farhadi

Take care of yourself up there. We understand there is some scientific value in your experimentation, but nothing that could not have been performed otherwise- Are you not confident that the private space industry will have week-long trips to space in less than ten years? Letters goaashteh Iran DVD. Can you take pictures out the window??