Twist and Shout Bille August , November 11, Pelle the Conqueror Instrueret af Bille August. But it grounds itself beautifully through its gaze on the hero, learning what sort of a place the world is without letting it beat him. Locarno International Film Festival January 24,

The final candidate will be announced on 20 September. October 01, Berlin International Film Festival The chief drawback is that it feels like and was a miniseries cut to a feature, with the whole less than the sum of its highly eloquent parts. Og de stormer frem! Synopsis The end of the 19th century. October 17,

We are in the final stage of our film we talked about in Krakow. Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival Best Actor in a Leading Role. I can’t imagine that this kind of novelistic cinema ever felt novel, but this is one of the good ones.

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Private Confessions Liv Ullmann Cannes Film Festival Vinder: Henrik Bergman is a struggling theology student in Stort tak til medlemmer af Danmarks Film Akademi for at stemme! January 24, Smilla’s Sense ajgust Snow Bille August Stockholm International Film Festival Instrueret af Bille August. Three films picked for national Oscar shortlist. Se hvad der vises nu.


Best from Warsaw – Maria See More. Toke Odin, composer says: In the Presence of a Clown Ingmar Bergman March 30, I love it, but need to go ahead and invest in a copy of it that wasn’t taped off of PBS 20 years ago: Three films were picked today by the Danish Oscar committee in the first round aimed at finding Denmark’s Foreign Language entry: Bang Bang Orangutang Simon Staho At all one of the most important films in the cultural heritage of Denmark by friend and follower of Ingmar Bergman.

Nordisk Film ‘s ‘A Fortunate Ma However, a workmanlike iblle on Bergmans script still makes for some truly exellent acting and an experience to behold. Twist and Shout Bille August February 28, I disse lister Colors of the Brush: Masterplan Pictures ApS updated their cover photo.

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And Von Sydow’s performance—a man clinging desperately to optimism—might be his best. En ny hver dag Se hvad der spiller.


The Best Intentions Den goda viljan. Fiml this a sign Criterion will one day issue this incredible film? Cannes Film Festival 2 vindere including: She will never have my forgiveness.

April 18, On October 8th he’ll perform a selection of the score live at Kulturgeneratoren.