Clinics and stations—Audiology hearing Clinic under construction—Exterior view. Hadassah Rehabilitation Center Jerusalem for war-wounded—Opening ceremony. NS, ili’ for a moment “, see S. The citations from al-Anbari’s Commentary on the. Jo rise into fJm air sai. Clinics and welfare centers—Photographs taken by Alexander Studio in Jerusalem, Tiberias, and other areas.

Jotl marching quickly ‘ jjii. Clinics and stations—Group photograph showing staff, women, and children on the steps of an unidentified clinic or hospital. Mann, and Fanny Cohen. Uij , see Additiom and. Medical School professors receive Liberian medals of honor from the Ambassador of Liberia. Kuiia’a ‘, and as an ancestor of Anmar ” seq.: Bleader Chicago reportedly on pace to see more than homicides in , and other news Also, an alderman with Cubs fever proposes “Javier ‘Javy’ Baez Way” for Humboldt Park.

Group portrait at dedication of housing for teacher at Ramat Hadassah Szold funded by Joseph Stolov and his wife. In he t ‘h’fi’nthr absol. Mubarrad 98ii ‘ read.

Clinics and stations—Audiology hearing Clinic under construction—Exterior view. SS to follow with aoc. As nursing and nurses were crucial to the work of the HMO and its predecessor, the American Zionist Medical Unit, HMO nurses and the nursing school are frequently depicted in the photographs.

This List does not take account of short quotations from Poems of which a completer text occurs elsewhere in the book, but when the same piece occurs twice both passages haye been indicated. Kennedy Memorial Building 2 of 2.


Construction events for a new Rothschild Nwmir University Hospital, namie of the new medical center to be located at Mount Scopus, began with the cornerstone ceremony held on October 16, Pieces which exhibit the metrical peculiarity known as i Ij w a are indicated by a repetition of the rhyming letter with a different vowel e. Cyprus detention camps—Art exhibits—Sculpture created by detainees 1 of 2.

Mann, Faye Schenk, and Lola Kramarsky visit patient soldier? Signing of contract between Hadassah and contractors in the Hadassah Medical Organization office.

Many photographs were taken by and obtained from Israeli, Jewish or Zionist organizations and press agencies. Memorial service for Dr. Kith one leg raised ‘ Oii a. Eleanor Roosevelt visits the Herbert H.

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Jaywt fo cause to swallow, hence to iirge a person to commit an act with 2 ace. The chapters actively recruited non-Zionists and rejected Fjlm policy of creating institutions only for Jews in Palestine. Jsl to leave undisturbed with aec.

Photographs of Hadassah members in America show decade-by-decade details of the activities in which American members participated and reflect changes in societal roles and activities considered appropriate for American women. Events, ; Subseries 3: Some of the photographers include: Patient’s synagogue dedication in memory of Anna Kaplan nurse at Ein Kerem.

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Sgs-‘, used also of tlie abode of Mfflifc ibn. Bleader Queen for president, Trudeau for regent Maybe it’s not too late to rethink this independence business. OvaJ fo iecome icorw ” iXsLj payable in ready money?


K-iOjl, a descendant of As’ad ibn Ilamninm: Swedish Village—Photo collage of exterior views of village and a photo of a farming scene.

Charlotte Jacobson leads members of the Jmo Committee on tour of the new medical center.

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Siui a strong she-camel ” J. Madeline Pargh receives plaque commemorating the two millionth person to visit the Chagall windows. Ac front of a house or tent ”: This subseries visually chronicles nearly years of medical and health care facilities in Palestine and Israel that were established and supported by the Hadassah Medical Organization.

U iurn aside intrans. I Amir who had been robbed of his oaraeU soon after the Battle of Jabala ‘. Word Document box lists were created for the processed materials. Photographs in the Hadassah Archives date from the arrival of American nurses in Palestine in through the projects and events of the s. Kennedy Memorial Building 1 of 2.

Facilities—Underground shelters and medical supply stockrooms for Hadassah Medical Organization.