The acting ranges from fair to awful, the dialog is even worse and the story itself goes all over the place, though admittedly the resolution actually did take me by surprise. So here’s a list of just some of the things I hated about Fatal Frames;. He soon encounters a mysterious killer who videotapes his victims for With Fatal Frames, Italian music video director Festa turns out a sub-par schlockfest that has little entertainment value. Stefania Stella, only this version of Stefania is an Italian singing sensation adored by legions of fans across Italy. A waste of time; not even a single scene to recommend it. Positiv sei aber einiges….

With having planned to see a number of flicks starring Quigley,I felt that this was the perfect time to break the frames. In addition to the sites, there are tons of knowing visual and technical references to the Italian horror classics of Mario Bava, Dario Argento, Riccardo Freda and others. The Birds Alfred Hitchcock , Her credit as producer is probably the only way to explain her acting role in this film, because on her talents and looks she fails miserably. Stefania Stella’s phonetic English line reading is atrocious and has a weird Eartha Kitt-like infliction to it , but she is blessed with lots of off-the-wall campy-tacky charm similar to that of Cher in the ’80s and her singing voice and songs are hilariously corny. Alex chases after her, but gets caught behind a metal gate where he witnesses her being hacked to death by someone in black clothes and a fedora. All the while her breasts threaten to burst asunder and lay waste to the eternal city.

Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. The Birds Alfred Hitchcock It therefore comes as no surprise that Stella is shoe-horned into almost every shot, attempting do look sultry quite some feat as she is a dead ringer for Les Dawson going to a fancy dress party as bouncy breasted Italian 80s temptress Sabrina. This is cemented in a hilarious scene, where one character says to her with a straight face: Fatal Frames – Fotogrammi Mortali, Suspiria The Art was there.


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The omens don’t seem good when they land in Rome, as mprtali elderly beggar goes boss-eyed when he glances at Alex’s palm. All the while her breasts threaten to burst asunder and lay waste to the eternal city. The number of greasy Italian ponytails in every scene. Also I’m pretty sure Pleasance isn’t the one doing his own voice in this.

Fatal Frames fil, a lot of slack when it came, and it deserves it. Add the first question. Director of Photography Giuseppe Berardini Editing: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

I can’t say for sure, but I imagine I thought I was being stalked by Stefania Stella in a blur of spandex and ringlets her not me. I guess it’s to his credit that he managed to make a decent looking film, full of Italian film veterans and the great work of special effects artist, Steve Johnson, in this volatile period.

Hypnotic Crescendos: Fatal Frames ()

Directed by Al Festa. A black and white flashback shows a boy forced to watch a snuff movie after he stumbles in on his father watching one. Bad Inclination Pierfrancesco Campanella This isn’t necessarily a criticism, sometimes it’s just laid on too thick and is unnecessary but on the whole it does give Fatal Frames a distinctive look.

Posted by Rachael at Donald Pleasance is talking on a phone with another detective. There’s plenty of Argento trope was that him in an uncredited bit?

A waste of time; not even a single scene to recommend it. Alex is your typical sleazy looking “heartthrob” of the early 90s and his acting is piss poor to put it mildly.


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Well the film went into production in and wasn’t completed till due to funding issues – quelle fucking surprise. Use film and TV in my classroom.

fgames Daniel Antonucci Alida Valli Films Followers 67 Follow List. September 04, If you can get over the fact that’s it’s freakin’ idiotic, you’ll enjoy it.

Professor Robinson Angus Scrimm He soon encounters a mysterious killer who videotapes his victims for the police. Like I said previously, it’s rare to see a film in this genre for the 90s never mind one of this “quality”. This is simply the kind of boring copycatting trash which led our industry to ashes.

Search for Lottery awards. WAY to much forced style and it shows and the lead actress, who just happened to be married to the director, is just terrible.

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Funny Games Michael Haneke Director Al Festa Production: Wendy Williams Giorgio Albertazzi The plot is quite OK if you manage to watch the whole movie – the end is quite logical for giallo-standards.

Italian genre vet David Warbeck probably best known for his Fulci gut-muchers of the early s perhaps has the meatiest role as a commissioner in charge of the investigation into the rash of ‘video killer’ murders now plaguing Rome. As the horrible murders continue, Ritt is unknowingly pushed into the killer’s games and he soon becomes a target of the police.

That pretty much says it all! Allegedly she is a household name in Italy at least in this movieand Dan fotogramni his help for her to break the States.