TS December 3, at 6: The information in this post is great and I may get the Faith novel even though it is in Korean. That will give me a good reason to learn the language quicker. I guarantee you will like it very much. I have so many favorite scenes of King Gongmin e. I admit that I will especially enjoy Tour 2, aka Firegirl Burn-a-rama. She beelines for Eun-soo and shoves the book at her, but Eun-soo reiterates her poor hanja reading skills, so Deoki fidgets impatiently as Lady Choi is called to read it for her. I like flashbacks when there are short and useful.

ES had said he died a terrible death in earlier ep but I wonder how? The villain that loves to bath! Thanks for the sites recommendations. Here comes a strong, opinionated woman who challenges him on every level he has know so far, and possibly would. My heart melted multiple times while watching this episode! All I want of this drama is a good ending where ES and Young are together. How can you possess such things in such a world and still be hungry?!

Hi Shirley, nice to meet you.

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Reply arina November 8, at 8: Will you still watch this show if the two leading actor and actress are not acting in it? This one never get to air or some say was just a hreat shooting.

Lee Min Ho travel to some 14 locations throughout the country to shoot for the drama. ALong with him are his pledged brother and sister who are very skillful. Hope everyone eodrama this drama gets the award.

Episode 24

They are finally together… what more can I ask for? You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I think he finally and totally understands her depth of emotion, love and attachment to him.


Reply foongpc October 23, at Now are you curious how Choi Young cure his frozen self? Ki Chul is given a type of medicine with dire warnings from his advisor that this is a last resort. Well it does make sense but I think this should have been explained better.

Btw, I may well be wrong, but I thought that when Eun Soo was talking about not being fine without CY and that she might end up in a strange world while looking for him, she was referring to the fact that she knows that in the future, she’s likely to time-travel back to a pre-CY era by mistake. Reply Che-Cheh December 13, at 5: Reply Che-Cheh March 25, at And a happy one! It was also this moment I cried like an idiot while the song Carry On plays in the background.

I thought Eun-soo knew she couldn’t go to the future and come right back, but now that I think about it, I think that was everyone on dramabeans who’d already figured it out. If that is to happen, i just hope she step into it with CY in tow.

Earnest desire creates connections. They are treasures to keep. It annoys the Hell out of me. Will check them out this weekend!

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Please watch it and you will know the ending Anya October 29, at Hey at least we still have the novel. She said it would be easy to find the antidote in the future, why not go get it and come back to the past?


Lee Philip Main Cast. Eun Soo and Choi Young grew very close. What’s the big deal? I hope he will recall what Eun Soo said “I have faith I’ll recover, so that I can be by that man’s side.

Also before that what was keeping him from going back with her to the future? Then episode 1 came. Scenes that could be better? You noble, loyal fool! I thought the same thing, but he may have eaten two.

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The development of the love story between Choi Young and Eun Soo is beautifully written. The plastic surgeon gets kidnapped by the eipsode who got an order from the king to find a doctor who can cure the fatally injured queen. Young tells him to protect himself first. The so romantic moments, it halts my breathing,lol! She totally nailed the character Yoo Eun Soo. After having the chance to really digest last weeks episode with CY exhibiting the trouble with his sword arm, I came to my own possible conclusion.

It will work, I can live. I know, finally, after all these years! I have made such dilutions for my patients and they are very effective when chosen and prepared properly.