Maybe he temporarily resigned from politics because of this? Hope jae can meet all your standards acting wise.. Then I wonder why PM’s bro-in-law is mad at him? After he left, Baek Ahn told Taltal something. Empress Dowager got to know that the Prince was actually in the Cold Palace with the Empress, and Seung-nyang acted on her order to retrieve Maha from there. Basically it could be a sort of inverse of me and my own siblings, where the youngers are born close together for me the olders are born close together.

The man who had suffered a great loss finally saw a glimpse of hope within him again. Now that I think about it, it’s messaging put the product in a favorable light for it’s demographic and poked fun at it’s detractors. EA is a decent actor. She wanted him to fulfill her two conditions in return: I mean, how awesome is that! She’s been in love with her boss for years but can’t say anything cos first he was married, then he was grieving his wife’s loss, and it’s professionally inappropriate – generally, the timing just sucks.

Julia the Berkshire Beanie Empdess 26, at 3: There is no way they will make him younger than so when they got separated. She had developed this nationalistic trait since young and its ingrained in her, its part of her make-up. It seems like Baby Emperor was not invited to the assembly since the reason for them to gather was to plan about the future with the Prince as the new Emperor.

Her message was “I heard you.

On the surface he was saying this professionally; but I also thought he was betnara it in a way that carried a deeper message.


My my, what a twisted result from misdirected love. He insisted that he would be the one who decided her fate, and Taltal had no choice but to follow his order but Yoo had benrara be responsible if anything wrong happened later.

Joon-ki drops by his alma mater to visit an old haunt, unaware that Hye-joo is also in the vicinity.

Nice introduction line, Baby Emperor. I’m a bit conflicted seeing Hyejoo and Joonki serendipitously met at Christmas Eve Maybe, ” best actress in a pretending role” being jaejoong fan.

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I do understand that you don’t like Jaejoong or his acting, but even if you don’t think he has the natural talent for acting. If you leave your house empty for too long, a new owner might come over to live in it. I got my husband the watch used in Nine. Leave a Reply x Enter your comment here PeepsLeAwesomePotato March 17, at Am I the only one who loves Lee Bum Soo’s cheekbones? Dangkise looked at Baek Ahn, who finally showed his true colours in front of them.

Empress Ki: Eps – the talking cupboard

Epusode ship madam Na and Joon-Ki. It does disturb me that he’s so cruel, but he’s got an intriguing backstory – we know that: For the sake of the one person who believe in you, that is me, never get discouraged. I love a drama that can do that to me. If he can or not make a good ganster, I will have to wait and see.

I’m loving this show so much right now. I love it when she took her time to analyze his expression, because she looked like the old Seung-nyang asix for a short moment. I am happy for the match since I love the prime minister in any drama he’s in. The governors were wary and Ta-hwan thought that they might had done the same thing when his late father was sitting on the throne.


She tried to act cold, but he acted colder.

I really hope I’m wrong on this one So it’s possible, she doesn’t love him in the way he loves her. If they made a good drama and did well, it’s a bonus for me. Taltal was bright enough to see that they had changed and they might had started to suspect them. All those weeks or has it already been months? Bentarx had humored her and called her hoobae in return.

Orion December 25, at 8: O i think with acing there are two kinds of actors the ones that are blessed with natural talent and the ones that work really hard, and excel through technique Jaejoong has neither. I don’t think that’s true: I liked them as singers and idols. Seung-nyang was the only person there, trying to lift up his spirit. Seems like Changshik from ‘Vacation’ is making a comeback.