The moment Supriya leaves the room, Digambar calls someone to talk about a bet. Mahesh notices that his bicycle is missing. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Mayi tells him that her desire to see him in wedding attire will remain unfulfilled. This content is for Adult viewing only. Ghana informs her that Mahesh has approved the date. Even Kuhu asks Ghana to approve the girl. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed.

Manav overhears and expresses his wish to marry Radha. Radha tells her father that she can’t marry just anybody. After some time, the watchman comes back and opens the door. A choice that very few will ever make. Ulka guesses that he got late because he had an argument with his wife Rupali. An apprehensive Digambar comes to Ghana. They inform him that his mother had called to leave a message for him that Radha is coming to his house.

Mahesh is happy to know that Radha has changed her mind about breaking the alliance. Supriya shows hope to Sumukhi that Ghana’s engagement will be called off and Ghana will choose her.

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Another classic piece of work from Gsohta. Ghana drops the ring. Avinash adds that he is onlie that the alliance will be fixed, and announces a bonus if it happens. Digambar shares his excitement about Ghana’s wedding with Supriya, but she doesn’t seem to be interested. Radha tells Mahesh that she is very busy. Radha admits that she felt very nice knowing that she was so important to Devki. Mahesh tells Radha about the nightmares of his death.


Avinash announces to the staff members about Radha’s alliance being fixed.

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Devki also adds that she has a feeling that Radha will become her daughter-in-law. Mahesh tells Devki that he wants to have the engagement ceremony at his house. Please login to access the content.

Mayi scolds them for making noise.

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Everyone is busy with the ceremony. Perfect blend of emotions and comedy!! You are not subscribed to access this content. Add the first question.

Please login to continue. Radha tells Mahesh that she does not want to get married if the boy’s side is going to pressurize him. Prachi and Mahesh are irritated as the caterers are refusing to take the order as they are quite busy. Full Cast and Crew. Pari tells Avinash that Manav has stamped on it. Ghana is leaving to meet the prospective bride. Audible Download Audio Books.

However, he refuses to wear the clothes of her choice. Shripad states that if Ghana approves of the girl he is going to meet, she will be lucky as he has rejected 68 girls before. Mahesh notices that his bicycle is missing.

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Supriya doesn’t seem very pleased, and tries to avoid the discussion. However, they are disappointed when Devki tells Supriya to train Radha too. Mayi asks Ghana to be ready for the ring ceremony. Ganga, Yamuna and Vallabh are seeing the engagement photographs.

Vallari asks Kuhu to help her in the household chores. Mauli is amazed at her strange ideas. Radha is left speechless.


Ghana explains to her that he spent time chatting with Mahesh, Radha and her aunt. Ghana calls Radha when she has already reached at the doorstep of fulo house. Mayi declares that none of them will speak a word to Ghana until he finds a suitable match.

Radha tells him that she is making a shopping list of the ceremony. Even Kuhu asks Ghana to approve the girl.

Ghana is about to make Radha wear the ring when Mayi shouts out of excitement. Goshtx decides to call Mahesh. Devki reminds her that it is going to be a registered marriage. Kuhu calls her boyfriend Prabhat and informs him that Ghana has gone to meet the prospective bride.

Edit Did You Know? He requests Radha to meet a prospective groom, but she refuses. Dhyana offers to accompany the women for shopping. Ghanashyam Kale 1 episode, Manav goes away from there. She forces him to get up and sleep on the cot. She suggests that they should invite Radha and her father to their house so that the family members can meet them.

Manav is very sad to hear it. His wife Supriya asks him how much money he has spent during the day because of his habit of betting. She shows it to Ghana. Ghana points out to the dark patches on the cop’s face and offers a fairness cream as gift.