Johnny does his best to help Derek. Bex remains in turmoil. Louise tries to help Shakil and Bex get back on track. Max is forced to give Jack a reality check. Mel finds herself in a tricky position. Next on Friday

Mitch attempts to build bridges with Keegan and Bailey. Abi reels from her behaviour. Jack offers a lifeline to a friend. Billy faces an unsettling reality. Stacey worries about Kyle. Next on Next Tuesday Patrick sees another side to Claudette.

At his wits’ end, Joey starts getting closer to Janine.

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Meanwhile, Lola was preparing for her latest round of hearings in an attempt to gain more time with Lexi. Louise is left mortified by recent events. Bex struggles with her new situation. Martin and Stacey attempt to stay civil.

Dot receives some upsetting news. Vincent reaches out to Claudette.

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The Carters reach breaking point. Billy promises Honey that he’s changed. Lauren opens up to a familiar face about what’s going on.


Martin receives unexpected help. Patrick finds himself in an uncomfortable position. Kat struggles to cope with her responsibilities. Mick tries to get to the bottom of Linda’s secret.

Jack is forced to think about his situation. Vincent learns of Fatboy’s recent behaviour. Billy faces an unsettling reality. Abi reels from her behaviour. Though his younger brother tried to convince eastenderx to lay low, Jack went into The Vic, insisting that he needed a drink to cool down. Sonia’s frustration continues to grow. One resident is faced with a tough decision. In his moment of need, he tried to call Eastebders for help, but since he was with Kirsty, Max ignored the call.

Sonia faces the reality of her situation. Denise prepares for her final exam.

Abi learns a shocking truth. Peter leans on an old friend. The Square reels from Phil’s actions. The Carters rally eastender help a family member. Even when confined to bed rest, Phil was able to push buttons, and it was indeed taking a toll.

Kim demands the truth from Vincent. Phil returns to the square. After Lola made a heartfelt appeal to the courtroom, apparently winning over all involved, it appeared as though she would be granted the increased visitation that she desired.


Will all go to plan? Ian makes a big decision about his family’s future. Max worries about Steven’s latest act. Stacey learns a worrying truth and Mitch has a heart-to-heart with Patrick. Patrick gives Denise a touching gift.

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Sharon has to make a decision about Dennis’s future. Next on Friday Luke takes advantage of his relationship with Ben. An upsetting truth dawns on Honey. Shirley opens up to Linda. It’s Pearl’s first birthday party. Phil has a surprising offer for Keanu. Poppy attempts to epusode up Alice.