A thrilled Kedar steals Rs. The fact that Satish is far more content merely reciting his poems to Savitri cuts no ice with them and as Madhavi has put Govind in the doghouse suspecting him to be lusting after Savitri, his hands are hopelessly tied! While Savitri waits in the foyer, Uma goes to Vishal’s room in the hotel where he’s a regular client. Govind starts ignoring Anita in retaliation to her rejecting his amorous advances at Khandala and even appoints a new personal secretary but Anita creates a hue and cry! However, Sulakshana suggests that they carry on their association in a clandestine manner by meeting in another city! However, she is stunned when Vishal refuses to marry her and suggests she get the baby aborted! He breathes his last before Raghu who breaks down weeping bitterly. College whom she mistakes for a student.

After she leaves Madhavi arrives offering to adopt Savitri but she refuses to leave her father all alone. Neither is she moved to tears at her ‘School Farewell’ function like her classmates for her tears were exhausted during her childhood thanks to the constant fights between her parents Sulakshana and Dayal that she was a mute witness to. Hasratein – Episode 15 – Full Episode. On the day, Satish’s exams conclude, an excited Savitri rushes to meet him at his residence only to be rudely rebuffed by Mr. Hasratein – Episode 13 – Full Episode. She request Savitri to shadow Govind and unearth the truth. Hasratein – Episode 4 – Full Episode. Hasratein – Episode 23 – Full Episode.

They speak animatedly as love blooms and blossoms in their hearts and minds’.

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Though Savitri chooses to remain aloof, he persists in telephoning her hasatein frequent intervals. Hasratein – Episode 1 – Full Episode. Frustrated by Kamal’s disbelief, she rushes to vent her rage on the real culprit Madhavi ridiculing her obsession with upholding traditional family values.

Hasratein – Episode 2 – Full Episode.

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Hasratein – Episode 23 – Full Episode. Gradually, Dayal seriously plans to close down his music school hasragein scolds Uma when she wants to quit learning singing altogether.

Govind is naturally worried about Savitri spilling the beans of his amorous advances last night and though she confesses she was stunned as she has always regarded him on par with her father, drana will keep quiet till he treated Madhavi with the respect she merits instead of referring to her as a ‘frigid woman’.


Sonal is thrilled to find the name Dram but that topper’s name is different as is his school. Dayal clarifies her doubts by telling her that Kedar hadn’t accompanied him to Pune at all as he was with her in Delhi.

Hasratein – Episode 14 – Full Episode. Manasi introduces Jaman Thakkar Mukesh Rawal as her latest fianc mp; stuffs a piece of cake in his mouth as he’s about to protest! Raghu Dada tries to console him for Savitri’s sake, if nothing else, but to no avail and Govind’s suggestion of apprehending both lovers draws instant rejection.

However, Sulakshana draka that they carry on their association in a clandestine manner by meeting in another city! Finally, in desperation, Savitri asks Madhavi to accompany so that they can go and wish him personally. Hasratein – Draam 25 – Full Episode.

As Madhavi spots Satish enter her premises, she tells Savitri to take her bath and meets Satish’s mother assuring her she won’t be distressed! Next morning, Dayal is woken up by the milkman’s cries and he breaks down after reading Sulakshana’s farewell note stating she has left for good with Kedar. Simultaneously, Dayal looks for another percussionist assuring favourite pupil Uma Chaitrali he will resume his classes soon.

But once she returns home, she’s rudely disturbed by someone knocking furiously on the front door.

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On the day, Satish’s exams conclude, an excited Savitri rushes to meet him at his residence only to be rudely rebuffed by Mr.

Savitri accompanies her to a ‘Family Planning Centre’ but as Uma develops cold feet, Savitri is fiercely optimistic that Vishal will do what common sense suggests and marry Uma. More Videos of Hasratein. Satish’s mother Malati spots Savitri emerge from Govind’s car at a safe distance from their home and her fertile imagination concludes they must be having an affair. Madhavi offers to adopt Savitri again but Dayal refuses as he’s living only to safeguard her future.

Hasratein – Episode 16 – Full Episode.

She finally collapses in a heap in Savitri’s arms. Savitri concludes bitterly, they are born in the womb of fear and tells Uma of her own abortive love affair with Satish 1 because Sulakshana had once eloped with Kedar. Hasratein – Episode 13 – Full Episode. He breathes his last before Raghu who breaks down weeping bitterly. As Madhavi passes on this news to Kamal it is received in sheer disbelief. The next day, as Episoe dictating a routine business letter to Rose, she can barely concentrate as she’s suffering from a massive cold.


Curiously, Sulakshana feels guilty as she enters this hotel for she recalls Savitri as well as Dayal.

Meanwhile, Madhavi plans to adopt Savitri much to Govind’s joy as he misses having children of his own. Dayal obliges but suffers from severe pain in his chest as he touches the high rdama and is rushed to hospital by Uma’s father Ajay Kumar. She request Savitri to shadow Govind and epieode the truth. An alarmed Sonal rushes to the campus to enquire from Satish’s close friends about his result and is stunned to learn that he has failed.

A thrilled Kedar steals Rs. As she wakes up, she reflexly turns to kiss Savitri but her daughter turns away. Savitri meets Uma and she’s stunned to know that even Kumar has succumbed to pressures of social stigma deciding not to pursue Vishal for an explanation if eplsode an apology.

Govind asks her to take back her soiled handkerchiefs back adding he had taken one home by mistake last night doubtless sowing seeds of suspicion in Madhavi’s mind!

In fact, such is her conviction that she rings up Madhavi especially to inform her of the fresh storm brewing. Hasratein – Episodes Savitri clad in a housecoat waters plants in her garden but little escapes Govind’s roving eye and an outraged Madhavi orders Savitri to wear only sarees. Madhavi does her best though she doesn’t appreciate Govind’s idea of celebrating his freedom from Sulakshana at long last.

An euphoric Sulakshana announces her departure for Nasik to a skeptical Madhavi but she hits back where it hurts her most-she labels Govind as an alcoholic.

To add insult to injury, a secretly delighted Dayal opens the door for Sulakshana so that Savitri can sleep undisturbed but her reaction is hysterical. Sulakshana’s abrupt departure brings about a sea-change in Dayal’s mood and he’s palpably depressed all the time.