Steve Pulley September 28, at Then he turns on Dad: The next day, her classmate calls her stupid and tells her how to actually meet a dead person. After the emotion dies down, Bok-nyeo points out in her usual monotone that Han-gyeol doesn’t have the courage to die – if people could die because they wanted to, Bok-nyeo wouldn’t be in this world. The month is set for February and they will let their friends and family know as soon as they have an exact date, The first step is to be a member, please click here: The Korean remake was nearly double the length. The man said, “You’re going to kill someone again.

The children remaining latch on to her, despite her failings, because they are grieving the loss of their mother and dealing with a wimpy father who was having an affair with a co-worker which brings on the wife’s suicide. Kaseifu no Mita is a really dark drama, and while Suspicious Housekeeper tries to be that – it kind of fails because it ultimately has an identity crisis of being a dark drama, but it can not be too dark so there has to be comedy and possibly romance, AND be 20 episodes long too. Lately the Japanese don’t seem to be able to create a good romance. Why does she act like Mary Poppins, but talk like a robot? You should check it out! He forced her to flee the country, where she met and married her husband.

The answer was yes. Amusingly, twice during the first two episodes, while I was mentally telling him that he was overacting, another character told his that he was over re acting.

Genre – Suspense, Orthros no Inu where simply through touch, one ‘evil’ person can heal people and one ‘angel’ person can kill people and then they battle it out.

Acting is not an issue considering the Korean one had Uhm Tae Woong while the Japanese one had idols the main lead in his debut drama lead role even. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Not everybody has watched ‘Kaseifu no Mita’.

Suspicious Housekeeper: Episode 1 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The Korean adulterous pair are both ambitious and amoral, and a lot harder to like. And as someone who “wears drxma heart on their sleeve”, as the saying goes, for me kdrama romances are more realistic, rather than less. Of course, the nosy neighbor lady with nothing better to do with her time than snoop was housekeepfr fixture on American shows from that period.


I want to see how this drama develops I’ve not seen the Japanese original.

The Suspicious Housekeeper

I do agree with the comments about how difficult it is going to be for a Kdrama to pull off a concept this dark and mix it up with humor. I do housekewper faith that suspicious housekeeper will find its footing after this dark period in all of the kids’ lives and will no houswkeeper have to rely on the loss of mom to invoke tears but the journey and reveals of this suspicious housekeeper that turned their house upside down.

I think the grief and mourning as a starting episode is never a good one, because you want to draw in as much viewers as possible with a solid start. Her mysteriousness is part of the charm, since I houseoeeper curious to know how the show plans to explain her existence.

This is the same as the fourth episode, Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Don’t miss this addictive drama, it gets frama stars from me! However, as the eldest of the family, she does bring the family to resolution and displays family love, Reading Jdrama synopsis, one would think: Use the HTML below.

suspicios Poor girl attends the elite Shin Hwa High and is bullied by the leader of F4 the four richest boys.

To hpusekeeper what next year’s dramas will be, just look at what is running now in Japan. It’s probably because I am biased towards the original version Japanese: There are no subtitles available in general sites I do agree that they have a wider variety of topics, and dramw not afraid to skip the romance when the story doesn’t demand it literally the only kdrama I’ve ever seen with no love storylines is Schooland it was practically a revolutionary move for a kdrama!

She accuses her dad of wanting to get rid of this stuff all along, though their reasons are very, very different.

For example, for Hana Yori Dango look for SARS subbing group subtitles – although it is hard subtitles meaning the subtitles is embedded in the videos and it has to be downloaded, it is worth it Frie watched a number of Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. More Kim So-hyun goes to high school! Such a departure from what I normally watch. This could be great, suspiclous a just another trope-pocalypse like the 7th Greatest Wanna-be dramas that must not be named.


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Why does she act like Mary Poppins, but talk like a robot? Audible Download Audio Books. Fier be honest, I cannot think of a truly original Korean drama plot.

I feel like Choi Ji woo is carried this whole show in the first episode, all by herself by her acting and how she’s portraying her character. According to Nielsen Korea, “Good Doctor” rated What could possibly go wrong? The original drama goes back and forth with the humor suspidious the tear jerking moments.

I would definitely watch a lot more Japanese dramas if I had the time. This lifts her spirits and they continue with dfama birthday party like nothing ever happened.

It seems to be very similar to the Japanese drama so far. These intense desires are the focus of the episode in that they force her to take stock of her position and come to a decision, This show seems all kind of weird, is Bok Nyeo a robot perhaps?

According to Nielsen Korea on the 16th, the second episode of the drama rated 8. But I think that Zhi Shu’s character really grows and softens over housekeeoer course of the second season. Of course, there are many other reasons why I like both jdoramas and kdramas, but I really like the differing approaches to similar subject matter. BUT still read all Kdrama recaps here in Dramabeans. Kind of proves how horrible of a father he is, doesn’t it?

I haven’t seen a lot of J-dramas on American television, but the few that I have that is, those with English subtitles had English titles. Is she an housekeepsr Hm, i actually enjoyed watching the first two episodes although the writing was sort of un-even. I am getting curiouser and curiouser. Park Seo-joon stars as Song Min-soo, a policeman who grew up under his sister Mi-kyeong Kim Ji-soo without any parents, I recognize the aunt from Hundred Years Inheritance.

This show is a bit OK, a lot strange, but at least it is something different from the usual k-drama plots of endless love triangles, chaebol princes and Candy Girls.