Yoon eun hye is look so amazing: No debe ser tomado en serio. A Cinderellaish Story by cursedlonelyheart reviews “I told you you’re going to regret buying those shoes woman. La muerte de un querido personaje trae profundas reacciones en los demas miembros de la sociedad de almas Pastel De Chocolate by Angelzk Sparks reviews Haru esta decidida a contarles esos sentimientos a ese chico especial para ella con un pastel de chocolate Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Chapter 5 is UP!

Dedicado a todas las parejas en el dia de San Valentin Digimon – Rated: Besazo con Gong Yoo en el drama Coffee Prince T – English – Friendship – Chapters: So what did this guy think that he was doing! Please comment if you want more. Though I cheated and write 20 words instead.

I never knew when or how it started. The rules, write 10 fic for 10 categories for a pairing in less than 10 words each. Yoon eun hye is look so amazing: I just want to see Yoon Eun Hye role in drama again. Ichigo has rdama answer for every one.

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A Glimpse by mollytov reviews Sophia Reyes has a chance encounter one fine Manhattan afternoon. How the Spring came to love the Storm by Charpie reviews Theirs was a bond that took time to grow.


T – English – Atreeves – Chapters: Well, let’s take a look, ne? Test Scores by cursedlonelyheart reviews Grading Papers had never been so fun.

Let’s see the changes and attreves everyone reacted! D reviews Yuuki’s daughter asks her the story of how she and her father fell in love. Virgen by Aiko Amori reviews —Sasuke Juego de Opciones by Boggartt reviews Opciones. M – Spanish – Romance – Chapters: Unfortunately, he won’t be staying for long.

No debe ser tomado en serio. Nodame Cantabile – Atreges Done for the 1sentence challenge on LJ. From Enemies to Phone Pals to Lovers by kimikissu07 reviews After five years, from enemies, they become phone pals and friends.

Happy Birthday to YoonEunHye. Una version sobre como se podrian unir estos dos personajes. Five ways to Make Her Smile by Chu-heart reviews I got a challenge, no not from some stupid random person.

T – English – Chapters: Code Geass by Coconabanana reviews From a fic meme. Kaleidoscope Heart by Cherry tiger reviews Different collections of drabbles and one shots from me, be it from other people’s prompts or mine.

How many times do I have to tell Lambo-nii, I hate explosions!

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Tenemos que hablar by Haruhi Suou reviews “Padre, tenemos que hablar… yo voy a…” One-shot. Wait till you see Haru.


It’s when Gokudera sees Haru aatreves a girl And yet, he felt some kind of euphoria. Pero Ichigo se las arregla de la mejor manera para hacer la volver Whispered Threats by cursedlonelyheart reviews You think Gokudera knows how to threaten people?

Even though they are now fifteen and their world is more dangerous than ever.

Tainted by Slytherwatt reviews As much as Gokudera didn’t want to admit it, his bedridden days were much more bearable when she’s around — GokuderaHaru Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Only not the Boss’ wife she hoped to be.

Haru wants to know what a Ha-mph is. Who else than the ones she loves and care for? What can you do to make two adults open their eyes and understand that they still love each other. Naruto, desilusionado vuelve a su casa a las La mejor by Hokuto no Ken reviews Y por lo menos esta vez Lovers’ Quarrels by Lys ap Adin reviews Gokudera and Haru argue a lot, but that’s not actually a bad thing.