Nevertheless, there is a large amount of religious indifference with regard to social contexts. In other words, what this global society has in common in terms of its substance, will tend to be more and more generalised and will be bound to encompass more and more conflicting traditions. Against this background, it is much more difficult for an individual to develop and preserve a personal identity. Apart from very few exceptions, these private groups were the prime source of the necessary information gathered in the course of the groups’ daily counselling work and the support given to various groups of affected individuals family. While government must not impose any rules that dictate how individuals should live their lives, it can support its citizens in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world by providing information and education. Dr Sebastian Murken, psychologist, University of Trier, was entrusted with the execution of this project see Chapter 3.

The commonly used term in scientific literature is “new religious and ideological movements” NRMs. The Commission also discussed cases where groups instructed their members to commit illegal and unethical acts, or where groups condoned such acts. This spectrum also includes groups, for instance, which only pretend to be religious or ideological communities. To this end, the Commission looked intensively into the question of an individual’s background and the connection between the individual’s life history and his or her joining,. The hazards involved in extreme isolation and insulation are illustrated particularly clearly by examples which have attracted much attention in public. There is not only a breakdown of traditions in large parts of society, but also a multiplication of options that exist side by side and that compete with one another for followers.

It is always the others who are the “sectarians”, not only for “sect members”. This is a shortcoming which has persisted until sohnentempler and which the Enquete Commission also has to address. This phase basically completes the development of a new organisation, which does not rule out a continuation of the institutionalisation process, e.

How religion or religions will or should cope with the challenges described above is an open question which cannot be answered in this Report. They contend that the objectives of their parties are not compatible with the objectives of the Scientology Organisation. In specific cases, this reversal of the objectives and the related activities may be hard to identify, which may shed some light on the controversies regarding the question as to whether numerous new religious groups are actually religious or only pretend to be.

And there is another aspect that needs to be considered: Interim Report of the Enquete Commission, loc. While this description is abstract and general, an analysis of the groups in question often shows in concrete terms where potential conflicts may arise. This is a trend which incidentally can also be observed in the Churches. To this end, the Enquete Commission is requested to. For this reason, it was assumed that there was a link between the growing attraction of the new religious groups for young.


Other groups, however, promise “ideal adaptation” to the challenges of the modern age by suggesting to individuals that they will able to increase and strengthen their efficiency to an unrealistic extent. Their criticism is focused on publications in the form of governmental “Reports on Sects”; because of the wording used sobnentempler the.

Psychotherapeutically oriented enterprises, which are assumed to manipulate individuals psychologically, are also referred to as “psychocults” or “psychogroups”. So far, such a basis of legitimation is virtually nonexistent in the ideological field, which itself is seen as such a legitimation basis.

Another important factor for an analysis of contentious developments is the question of whether a group’s theory and practice can be qualified as being religious and ideological in the narrower sense, sonneentempler whether they also cover other areas such as culture, economics and politics slnnentempler some extent, significantly or even primarily. What these methods have in common is that they are not only practised in groups but that they are also used commercially to help individuals cope with their lives or change their personalities.

As far as organisational forms are sonnente,pler, there are two extreme forms of new religiousness, “in addition to the Churches”, i. In a certain way, this situation is compounded by the concept of society’s progressing secularisation propagated in social sciences in particular in the s and s; according to this concept, the inclination towards religion was considered to be a phase-out model.

Psychogroups in the European Union.

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However, the increasingly individualised demand for sources of meaning and help in coping with life makes individuals particularly vulnerable, especially in a society which is or was characterised by a situation of relative religious clarity. In this context, it is necessary to remedy considerable shortcomings in research.

It is not possible for the Enquete Commission to say whether organised crime is involved in specific cases; instead, finding an answer to this question will continue to be the responsibility of public prosecutors and their investigations.

This gives rise to most conflicts. The negative meaning of the term “sect” seems to have clearly culminated during the 16 th century, especially when it was used to describe those Christian communities.

On the other hand, this would also create incentives for contentious groups because there would be no need for a report if a group eliminated or reduced the intensity of particularly controversial characteristics and patterns of behaviour.


What should or can be achieved by governmental intervention? This spectrum is reflected by the Enquete Commission’s recommendations for action.

Final Report of the Enquete Commission

This has been demonstrated very clearly by the relative attractiveness of experience-oriented. Commission to confirm at an appropriate point in statements or in the Commission’s Final Report that they were not a “sect”. Beate Hess, administrative science graduate. The purpose of this survey was to find out from the groups concerned whether the public. Secondly, there is also a risk that this may lead to unacceptable generalisation. The representative of the German Press Council drew attention to two other issues: There are four potential models which are, of course, not clearly distinguishable from each other: The establishment of a foundation sonnentemoler is expected to bundle the various aspects involved when dealing with new religious and ideological communities and psychogroups is one forward-looking proposal.

Instead, government must respect each individual’s choice of a given religious belief. These questions and concerns were not new; along with personally affected individuals, information and counselling centres had been increasingly preoccupied with these issues since the s.

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Some of them offer alternative life worlds in which individuals hope to find caring, a sense of community and orientation, as well as “refuge” from the demands of society, or opportunities for religious devotion, or meaning in their lives. Professor Dr Hartmut Zinser. In this context, the German Sonnenempler Federation also provides information and education to its members.

What emerges is a separate world, which is.

However, the Constitution does not define what a. Often the key impetus for the development of formal structures sonenntempler from the founder himself, i. Terms of Legal Proceedings.

Seele aus zweiter Hand, Psychotechniken und Psychokonzerne, Stuttgart,p. In the case of modern ideologies such as Communism and National Socialism, this influence cannot be denied; however, it is debatable whether the individualised life-styles of today’s majority also derive meaning from “secular religious” ideas.

Last edited by Modular Space ; Jun 30, 8: Due to the different origins of the term “sect” and its different interpretations, its use is very problematic, except in cases where the context has been clearly defined e.

It is not possible to use the ambiguous term “sect” to determine the field of legislative and general governmental action.