As humaira happily comes out, razia asks what is she carrying. Like 0 Dislike 0. He gets a call, while badi bi is lying there, without her attention. Anon 27th Feb – 1: Razia is shocked to find him looking at her. She decides to tell ayan that she has gone somewhere without telling anyone anything. Orphanage Mamujaan reprimands the caretakers for people who are dressed up like that and speak so rudely with such people, and laments that he spent his time time here in vain. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Dilshad, sensing something, turns around. She wonders what if she actually returns. Zoya asks Tanvir to show her hand. Both Dhurandhar and the guards let go of asad and zoya. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Badi bi falls unconscious. But razia says that since she is so keen on keeping an eye, she should tell how she is feeling now seeing the world upside down. Asad comes in and throwing a wedding card on the table, says that she who ran from her own marriage cant help anyone in getting married.

But ass oon as she dials the number, Razia cuts off the telephone cord, and uses the same to strangle Badi bi, and reminds her of what she had doen to her, when she had sent her to assylum, but badi bi vehemently says that nothing can happen to her by Razia, and that she would februar everyone the truth. He was after her just to ask why did she do this to him. Qubool Hai — 19th December Watch Online-pt4. She stands stunned, as tanveer gets ready to pull the trigger.

Razia blames badi bi for ayan having gone, saying that she saw till the last minute, he saw badi bi instigating ayan, as she never liked this marriage, and she also believes that zoya was also brought by her only, being a stranger.


Qubool Hai 01st May Written Update – Indian Television Box

Sano 27th Feb – Hxi says that she has a definite plan, tried and tested, and that is to run from his marriage, which would be cardio exercises and getting rid of the situation too. I m sorry n I love u. The nurse asks razia to stay quiet, as they are in the ICU. Imran turns to leave but says that…they will pay for this insult.!

He gives her some money and says to get lost.

Asad is tryign to explain! She thinks that after some days, she wont have to see him through hiding. Jahapanah ke six packs dikhte hai bina kameezon ke, Bino knock kiye aana, habit hai badtammezon ke!!! Whe ayan asks badi bi if she fell, or was she thrown, razia asks him not to talk like that, since she clearly told him that badi bi fell. Nazma, dilshad and asad come to her room, and try to calm her down.

Qubool Hai 19th December Written Update – Indian Television Box

Imran asks to call up his aunt.! Asad says that then he would wait before fulfilling her next wish.

Haseena asks what would happen to her prestige if the relatives come to know of this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Just then he notices akram, pacing in the doorway.

He tries to tell her that this isnt a viable option and it was in vain to have asked any ideas from her.

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As asad walks in alone, both dilshad and nazma are tensed, but they are happy when they find zoya along with him. They see ayan and ask if he has any info. He says that she should try it herself, and gets on stucking badi bi inside the car.


Asad is frantically searching for her and they are missing each other again…and Asad lets out a full throttle cry—Zoyaaaa………. The next morning, haseena comes to razia pretending to be very ddesi at the fact that rashid 201 been arrested.

She takes badi bi out from under the bed, and says that its good luck, that badi bi is about to get rid, from her life, and hqi house too. Story writer seher and sanam should sa y what is on their minds about tanveer and is it true that nawab was not killed at all.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Vikram, teases her about being scared. I am extremely happy with this episode. She tries to avoid talking to asad, while he continuously keeps addressing to her.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Asad is highly disturbed at such talks, whereas zoya stands speechless, not 26fh what to say. Zoya is surprised, but says that she hadnt thought vesi far, vebruary this solution would get them out of the problem for now. She asks razia as to what was she doing clicking the pics, when rashid was burning the factory, and why didnt she destroy the evidence if she really cared for him and his kids.

She says that she would understand at 5 in the evening. Zoya says that indeed it was all a drama, to stop her from going, and that was their only option.