Daily Mirror Sri Lanka. Most of the reputed producers are also caught in this trend as they want to survive in the field. How do you see this trend? The former Chairman of the Board of Investment Upul Jayasuriya was practicing in Badulla and he was the link between myself and Wijewardena to exchange video cassettes. Abeyratne plays her debut role as director with the teledrama serial Sasara Sarani , where she is the producer as well. I also plan to start documentary film making, cartoon film production and movie productions to reach the international market. The other two Villages, which are permanent shooting locations provide latest filming facilities, are at Badulla and Maharagama.

TV Times Sri Lanka. The academy is affiliated with the Institute of International Management in Hong Kong to offer diplomas. Views Read Edit View history. Tuesday, 26 February With the introduction of the 3D technology and also winning several prestigious awards by the Teleview, more students enrolled in the academy. Most of the reputed producers are also caught in this trend as they want to survive in the field. Today’s Columnists How can Sri Lanka avoid imminent economic collapse and extreme poverty? Most of the films nominated for Oscars were shot using Arri Alexa camera systems.

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I have several plans to start producing films and tele-series targeting the international dadibasnamanaya. Today’s Columnists How can Sri Lanka avoid imminent economic collapse and extreme poverty?

Yes, this is an area which creativity plays a major role. Teleview always wants to maintain our reputation for producing quality tele-series — be it a normal tele-series or a mega series. All the mocie on this website is copyright protected and can be reproduced only by giving the due courtesy to ‘ft. This is the very first science fiction which used 3D animation.


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Those days, it took three or four days to produce one episode but now it takes just one day to dadubadnamanaya two episodes. Tuesday, 26 February Comments that are abusive, obscene, incendiary, defamatory or irrelevant will not be published.

When I was doing my tele-dramas I found that the technical staff, whom I recruited from the film industry, were not professionals and sometimes it was difficult daduubasnamanaya work with them due to lack of decency. Being a Consultant of the Ministry of Tourism, I am doing an honorary service as I want to use my resources and experiences to upgrade the film and tele-series industry to capture the international market.

I am very enthusiastic about technology and I have always brought the latest video cameras in the world. Budget should be an innovation-inspiring budget Monday, 25 February This was the main reason that I had started the academy. The Island Sri Lanka.

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I worked with a company which constructed power plants under a five-year plan. And the verdict is It is a remarkable journey started with my first tele-drama — Randoratuwa, which won the most popular tele-drama award in Sakuge Kathawa Sinhala teledrama.

Most importantly, be ready to learn more and be a professional in the industry. movue

Even though, local tele-series industry has been badly affected, we have daxubasnamanaya options due to poor financial situation. You have a reputed production house and enough finances to do experiments.

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Kindly use a genuine email ID and provide your name. This is a business and within this business I am daduasnamanaya my best do quality productions while being in the trend. Retrieved from ” https: It is the secret in me winning several prestigious awards — Entrepreneur of the year, Business Excellence and the Achiever of the Year by daeubasnamanaya Chambers of Commerce.


Do you think that these tele dramas have affected the local industry?

Sri Lanka dadubasjamanaya being automatically promoted as a unique tourist destination when the international films, which are shot in Sri Lanka, get telecasted and launched theatre screenings. Addressing a media conference held in Colombo this morning, the secretary Can you spell out your future plans to improve the academy? I also have a special wish to contribute more to the environment, which gives us life.

There are some requests from my friends and fans to make it an international science fiction as this is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Forty-eight top class British artists stayed in Galle for over six months and this has also created livelihood opportunities for villages. I believe that if Sri Lanka wants to become an industrialised nation, the first important step towards it, is upgrading the science and mathematical knowledge among our people.

Dadubasnqmanaya Inima Today Teledrama. Otherwise, we have to quit fupl field. Ulath Ekai Pilath Ekai. Most of the reputed producers are also caught in this trend as they want to survive in the field.