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This concept should be understood and agreed upon based on the legal framework of each country; provisions on legal assistance should be discussed based on existing national legal frameworks, to avoid creating new rules; the resource and capacity of countries should be considered, to avoid frivolous litigation; the International Fund for victims requires careful consideration.


Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea towards, ending the 20 year-long political stalemate between their two sisterly countries. Telefon sowie SMS-Flat in alle dt. In this regard, Council welcomes the IGAD decision to convene bucarananga Retreat of its Council of Ministers dedicated to the consideration and analysis of the new political and diplomatic dispensation in the Horn of Africa, in the light of the ongoing developments; Expresses satisfaction at the adoption on 14 Novemberof Resolutionby the United Nations Security Council, lifting the arms embargo, travel bans, asset freezes and other targeted sanctions imposed on the State of Eretria through the UNSC Resolutions, and Nachdem sich der […].

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Welcomes the signing of the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Cooperation between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea signed in Asmara, on 5 Septemberwith a view to further fostering partnership and cooperation in the region.

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