Mario Party 2 [59]. The first video uploaded to Chugga’s channel is a video of him playing Super Smash Bros. Press ‘i’ to view the image gallery , ‘v’ to view the video gallery , or ‘r’ to view a random entry. He is 20 years old, from Florida, has a Youtube Partnership, and as of September , has over , subscribers. Tri Force Heroes [81]. Super Mario Sunshine [25]. Splatoon Wii U – YouTube”.

Mario Party 3 N64 – YouTube”. Mario Party 3 [65]. Have you ever seen anyone with eyebrows that big? Kid Icarus Uprising [41]. Kurow, nothing can be heavier than your ego that Chibi has had to carry around through this whole adventure to these ruins. Rosales-Birou is a native of Phoenix, Arizona.

He is now a California surfer-dude-type guy from the moon that can fly, with wings! Chuggaaconroy Uploaded by TheInnerPeace.

Retrieved April 16, Retrieved from ” https: He has since produced 37 solo Let’s Plays, and his content has been cited as a family-friendly alternative to more vulgar Let’s Players, as well as being cited as one of the most influential. Gale of Darkness [44]. New Super Luigi U [67].

Retrieved October 30, Mario Party 3 [65]. Gaminglet’s play. Mario Party 5 [75].


InEepisode underwent medical treatment for a bronchial infection, forcing him to take 4 months off and made Xenoblade Chronicles the largest Let’s Play ever in his channel, lasting from June until June of Yoshi’s Woolly World – Episod Super Mario 3D World [72]. Chuggaaconroy Uploaded by Harpmony.

Okami – Pt. 16: Don’t Look In Mrs. Cutter’s Box…

Sep 02, at Mother 3 [22] [Note 3]. Brawl Wii – YouTube”. Super Paper Mario [35]. Kirby’s Dream Course [76]. Polaris Disney Digital Network. Chuggaaconroy at PAX West At the end of the LP, the counter had reached This happened so often that Chugga decided to make the Misdreavous an official part of his team, giving it the nickname Affection For how often the enemy attacked it and created a counter for how many times the event occurred.

Retrieved September 14, No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Somebody call Chris Hansen!!! Atlanta, GeorgiaU. Rosales-Birou is a native of Phoenix, Arizona.

Tri Force Heroes [81]. Have you ever seen anyone with eyebrows that big? Super Best Friends Play. Chuggaaconroy Uploaded by Supernova Use mdy dates from January Uprising 3DS – YouTube”. Steve The Red Pikmin.


Mario Party 6 [80]. These freakouts have gotten him a few video remixes. Internet personality, let’s player. Subscriber and view counts updated as of January Kid Icarus Uprising [41].

Something about that just rubs me the wrong way- and of course I use the word “rubs” for that.

Let’s Play Okami Preview

He is also a member of the collaborative channel “TheRunawayGuys”. EarthBound [54] [Note 8]. November 18, — November epsode, October 8, — November 18, [Note 6]. In episode 2 of his Pokemon Crystal LP, he found a Phanpy a Pokemon he wanted for his team right when he was about to cut the recording.

You need to login to do this. Mother [19] [Note 1]. Fortune Street [61] [Note 9].

Mario Party N64 – YouTube”. Inhe moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Retrieved February 8,