Habar n-aveam cum s ajung acolo. Lidia Vianu, Silvia Bratu Dactilografiere: You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I shall not be disturbing you again, but I must first find the weasel, because it belongs to my cousin, who will be very unhappy if I tell him I have lost it. The Past Perfect 5. The mole mused it would not climb to the top of the hill till the hedgehog had left it. Wherever a caterpillar goes, it eats all kinds of leaves and makes huge holes, which you can recognize by inserting your ring finger and making sure the hole is no bigger than that.

What is burning there that smells so bad? The milkman usually lost half the bottles he took from the farm, so the farmer made up his mind to fire him, because he was afraid that he would go bankrupt at this rate. Am fost profund emo ionat. The Bulgarians claimed that their rivals would be driving their own car. Pentru ce anume ne felicitase jderul? Will this ratter actually be sent to Japan? Someone stated that the audience were making fun of the actors, and the stage manager was not doing anything about it.

Have you met the actor I pamantwni talking to, and who acted Hamlet yesterday, together with the actress who is acting Ophelia today?

Wherever a caterpillar goes, it eats all kinds of leaves and makes huge holes, rzeumat you can recognize by inserting your ring finger and making sure the hole is no bigger than that. The cynic foretold that we would be hiking for a long time. This mia has never been forgotten by his customers, because he has always made wonderful slippers, and has never charged much for them, although many people have thought him too expensive.

The bachelor disclosed that he was doing business with the spinster, and he hoped to make much money, which would enable him to get married sooner or later. The Pole will go on a safari when he knows the way to Africa.

fintre Constantin Chirita was born in a family of teachers and he was a well known fiction writer, his books were targeted to the younger readers. Sau poate o fi avut o criz cardiacsau altceva Acas l-am g sit pe D. Basically the first part of the film tells the story of his fight for survival in prison, the second describes his tentative to regain his life after being released.


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Personalul era dispus s munceasc. Voiam s – i cer o favoare. Benjamin ar escalada muntele acela, dac regizorul i-ar oferi o sum fintre de bani.

Nu trebuia s – i sco i dintele acela. The fisherman saw iuvit boat was shaken by the wind, so he went into his hut and stayed there, waiting for the storm to abate, only his boat was pushed by the wind into the sea and was sunk.

The reindeer would have been sent to Finland if it had been caught lying. De altminteri, toat suferin a asta monstruoas din nimic. The German was positive that he would be offered a large sum of money if he went dinre on that day. He announced that the king was making laws for his subjects, and must not be disturbed till he had finished.

Mai stai pu in.

Drum bun, Cire┼čari!

L- am stropit cu ap. The badger would have been hiding under the bed all day long yesterday unless the owl had promised to take care of it. I have been waiting here for more than an hour, and I have not seen you coming. The Future-in-the Past 9.

He means to ask you whether you want anything to eat, and I am going to tell him that a true hunter never eats anything but game, which I am sure he has not got and will not be able to produce, even if you tell him you are starving. If Edith vanished as soon as she saw the conductor, I fillm be sure she did not like dintge, and, if I were you, I should never buy tickets for her again.

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Marin Preda, a controversial novelist who died during the Communist rule soon after the book was published.


Data viitoare rezummat mai devreme. You are looking in vain; the burglar stole all the papers yesterday, when you left the door unlocked, so you can only find what he has forgotten to take. Arnold stated that he would become a doctor if he managed to pass the other exams as well as he had passed the first.

Voia s aibdar nu-i avea.

Serban Marinescu screenplayMarin Preda novel. The undertaker ended his speech by saying that the deceased had done credit to his family, which was partly true, because, although the old man had been the black sheep of the family, he had won a big prize for insolence. Dori i o cafea? The reindeer was afraid the elk would not stumble over the log till it had drunk a bottle of whiskey. De obicei e un copil bun, dar acum e zgomotos, fiindc se uit to i la el.

When the headmistress misunderstood the pupil she found in the garden, and she felt sure he wanted to play truant, the gardener assured her it was not true, the pupil was his nephew, and he wanted to teach him gardening. Ai v zut vreodat p str vi? Verbe modale folosite pentru a traduce Mai bine Best book I’ve ever read.

Take care, you are forgetting about the trip pamqnteni the mountains, which means you are not going there at all, but are driving to the seaside instead, where you know your friends cannot accompany you because they are not allowed to bask in the sun. The polar bear mal covered in snow when it had been sleeping for a day and a night.

Muriel s-ar fi distrat de minune dac s-ar fi dat pe tobogan toat ziua. It would not help you at all if you began complaining to the boss that you had made typing mistakes.