The 8th entry in this amazing series by Mark Greaney is out this month and I cannot wait. View all 53 comments. I think it was beautiful when Jessica said that she would never be worthy of him but she’s going to try. If he has no idea what part of the country she’s in, how did he send the letter? The Free Book Cha And don’t let me even start with the ending I gets boring fast when every detail is explained and explored. Needless to say, I can’t recommend this to anyone, but luckily, most of it is so mind-numbing that I won’t be scarred for life by this.

I think this book could use a bit more editing — there were a lot of typos, grammatical errors, and general wordiness — but it has a lot of potential. The first chapter got me into reading the book. No trivia or quizzes yet. The story line was great and refreshing to read a unique twist on the normal Angel read. However, it’s rather distracting to have random line breaks and indentations in the middle of sentences. Jessica was extrememly likeable and Alex was divine and they progressed together nicely.

I had never seen anyone move so gracefully, almost as if he were walking on a sheet of glass and was being very gentle to not crack it. I don’t even know my Bible that well and it was still easy to guess. Cole is even worse, and his relevance to the story is so nonsensical that the only things you need to know is that he admits that he’s been in love with Jessica since the first moment he saw her. Jessica, on the other hand, is nowhere near perfect, which is fine.

But given the nature of survival in this world, she has a penchant for stubbornness and a rather frank outlook on life. It’s almost impossible anymore to read paranomal romance novels without it being littered with sex scenes. Rather than a paranormal dominated by her nightmares and why she has them, most of the story is dedicated to Jessica coming out of her shell and beginning to trust people.


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I put this as a positive because it was really well done. Also, the counting, it felt like the author was going for making this girl a bit quirky but she didn’t take the time to explore why or how she got that way.

Another word Miss Taylor seems not to know when to throw in is “stupidly”. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Seris. Funny thing is, the nightmares aren’t just nightmares.

Somehow, I had no feelings or sympathy for Jessica. Little do they know that something awful is going to happen. Here’s another link you can click.

Fall of Angels Series – Keary Taylor

I just finished this book. While I liked there characters in the book okay He’s loving, caring, rich amd a fantastic cook. It was all rushed and there was room in this book to explain it and make it interesting, but it was wasted on repeating stale sentences to fill space. I found this lacked some character development for the others but it is a story told by Jessica so her POV is how it is understood.

I am very happy that I paid nothing for the book and that it is so easy to delete something on my kindle.

I need to read the next book. Jessica seriss been tortured with horrifying nightmares ever since she was a little girl. Then she gets mad at Emily for allegedly not wanting to help her, when the girl obviously has a hard time telling Jessica what she “needs” to know in the first place and I completely understand Emily for wanting to suppress such a trauma, certainly when you know you have eternity to pay for it.

Her choice may just determine the future of the human species. Not surprisingly, because of these nightmares, Jessica has an intense fear of angels.


Fall of Angels Series by Keary Taylor

On serifs back of her neck she wears the branding of the condemned reminding her that not all nightmares stay hidden in the shadows of a dream. Again it wasn’t yet stated that Jessica made her money by housesitting. Nightmares of being judged for people who have died, of being branded by the angels.

I blame you, Branded. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. It taylod rated G. These nightmares are not your average nightmares though — in these nightmares, Jessica stands trial for the dead in front of a panel of angels.

The book fee Bg Bailey is tormented. Gentry is then assigned to track down the people who took the hooded man.

Fall of Angels Series

The story line is decent as well. This girl is one big chunk of interior monologue and it never ends. Wouldn’t her doctor or the hospital she was in, organize a caretaker, since she has no family to look after her? The book feels like a very long prologue.

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She has no sympathy whatsoever. She’s awkward around others and doesn’t want anyone living near her, for fear that they’ll hear her screaming at night. Something is different about Jessica but she doesn’t understand what’s happened.

Well, I had to give my own work 5 stars right? It’s not all that predictable except for the romance bit and the author keeps some semblance of suspense up until the very end. Cole made sense, a little, but not Alex.