Thanks for this pictures. I still listen to “And it Happens Every Time” with tears and mixed memories. If the owner of this site is interested in curbing this problem, please obtain another script that does not allow HTML or that requires verification and you will stop the endless advertizing on this board. I’ve never heard these guys but you can bet I’ll obtain some of their other music. It was Tim’s first visit to The Windy City. He was the best of the best and unfortunately or fortunately he never got the fame and glory he deserved. My son Jeff has been reunited with me on the other side by this lady who is in England.

I am astonished every time I hear him. Unfortunately, he is too tempted by the ‘filthy lucre’ following up his first very sincere album ‘Love is Here’ with a VERY commercial sophomore album ‘Silence is easy’. S -‘ -IRPvs’irPmhie stablc.: S tibia dn the llth-Vj-inst a large American Jiqrse? I am 18 and probably the youngest fan of Tim Buckley. I shall hunt out as many original vinyl Lps as possible. Thanks again for the guitar tabs.

New Orleans and offer the ;re J ual’ received same loralt at reduced prices: Libraries repaired at short notice. Judy Norbury rossjudy shaw. My escort for the evening was Gary Jackson, manager of The Charlatans, so we just bopped over and chatted for quite the while as we carried on 2 animated conversation. David Gladwin, the most likely people to release “Starsailor” and “Blue Afternoon” on CD would probably be Rhino Handmade who produce limited edition reissues of obscure, noncommercial music.



Thanks again for a great site. Please let me know if you would be interested in srrie offer in fact, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be.

These are the first pictures I ever saw of her without a ‘cello. For the last six months he is all I can listen to.

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I have been fascinated by T. I can’t describe it, it is wonderful Can you shed any light on this mystery?

Thanks again for 22b contribution to Tim’s rememberence and appreciation. Thanks and good luck, Mike Pell mikepell aol. Please write to me about Tim, or whatever! Peace Dennis Tuzla Bosnia. I have created my own compilation CD which I play in the car a lot. Please which song was the difinitive Tim Buckley War Song?

I just iis be posting again in the near future. His music haunts me to this day. Thank’s for a great site PS. I got mine on E-Bay.


I have all his albums both on vynil and CD. I see you don’t have it listed either, is there anyone besides me who remembers this album and can get me a copy. I have had this transferred to DV and what I want to find is a recording of the gig so I can try to re-sync it, then I will give it dpcce whoever is interested. Basic information for referencing this web page.


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P5 may nesirc u iu scuu yicii vuuur. Keep the music alive. The period of was my “Time of Buckley” and I’ve never serir to another artist so intensely, before or since.

Thanks to your informative site He shows great insight into Tim’s thinking and aesthetic development and into many of the people who surrounded him. The deleated Starsailor album is out there folks. Reference the current page of this Newspaper. I celebrated by playing Blue Afternoon.