He shouts at Sambhav and expresses his disappointment towards Bhairavi for hiding the matter. Later, Muskaan’s ‘mehandi’ function begins and the celebrations go on in full swing. Watch Soubhaghyalakshmi to know more. Samarth meets Muskaan and demands to know why she had rejected his marriage proposal. Later, Samarth is surprised when Bhairavi agrees to meet Muskaan’s family to speak of his marriage. Kavya agrees to keep the pouch safe, unaware that Mansa has set a trap for her. Kavya reaches office and assumes that she has been fired.

Due a twist in fate, Vasundhara Prajapati goes from being a rich business woman to a common woman, maintaining her family through all the hardships of life. But she rejects the girl when she feels that the girl could be a threat to her. Her sisters reach Samarth’s house and there Muskaan ends up breaking an expensive flower vase. Sambhav reaches Kavya’s room and shows her the documents which state that he is now the owner of his mother’s wealth. Bhairavi is busy with the preperations for Sankranti celebrations and just then, Samarth enters the house. Mansa arrives at Vasundhara’s place with loads of gifts and they are forced to accept them all.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 20, – Full Episode. Bhairavi spends a sleepless night and is worried that Muskaan’s entry in to her house will cause a threat to her status. How will Samarth react now? Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 18, – Full Episode. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. She even agrees to go out on a date with him.

Sambhav resorts to stealing from his own house as he falls short of money. Watch Saubhaghyalakshmi to know what happens next. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 3, – Full Episode.

Drama TV Show Online: Bhaghyalakshmi Episode – 5th January

How will Kavya react when she learns that Muskaan has once again laid her hands on Samarth’s money? Kavya sees Muskaan and Samarth together and feels hurt. She later transfers twelve thousand rupees in Kuhu’s account so that she can make her trip. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 13, – Full Episode. Watch Saoubhaghyalakshmi to know if Kavya will manage to reach home on time. Bhairavi arrives and threatens to call the police but Kuhu fearlessly opposes her.


Kavya is shocked when her new boss gives her the role of the Managing Director’s personal assistant. Kavya continues to work late night in bhaghyalaksjmi office and when she completes the work, she bhaghyalakshim out that she has been locked inside the office itself.

Saubhaghyalakshmi preview

Vasundhara’s wait for Kavya continues while Kavya is forced to work at Samarth’s house. She starts to consider Sambhav to be her shortcut to success and later she informs Kuhu that she has a new boyfriend.

Samarth excitedly asks Bhairavi to choose a dress bhaghyalakshmk him and Bhairavi is forced to ask him to consider about this marriage once again.

After the chain is not found, Mansa decides to search her purse but just then, Samarth stops Mansa. Samarth takes the box from her and seeing his generous nature, Kavya is surprised. However, she asks for a loan of seventy thousand and Kavya is bound by a contract whereby she is supposed to stick to her job until she pays the entire amount back. That night, Kavya wakes up and is surprised to find Muskaan out of her bed.

Samarth refuses to speak to Muskaan and drives away. Muskaan laughs after they end up dropping food on Samarth. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 28, – Full Episode. Sambhav, who is asked to buy a diamond necklace for Muskaan, is surprised to learn that his cards have been declined by the company’s manager. Muskaan later informs Kavya that she is ready to marry Samarth. Kavya, on the other hand, cannot help herself from thinking of Samarth. He shouts at her and insults her in front of the clients.


Muskaan’s lavish date with Sambhav continues and she is absolutely impressed by Sambhav. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 1, – Full Episode. Vasundhara refuses to show any interest in celebrating her birthday as it falls on the same date as Episodde death anniversary. Kavya reaches home and is surprised to see that her sisters had planned a surprise birthday celebration for her.


Bhagyalakshmi – Episode – video dailymotion

When she asks him to have his dinner, Samarth refuses as he remembers that Bhairavi has disapproved of his love for Muskaan. Mansa accuses Kavya of stealing the gold chain and she checks her in front of all the guests. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 11, – Full Episode. Watch the entire episode of Saubhaghyalakshmi as Kavya’s sisters rescue her from her office.

Kavya agrees to keep the pouch safe, unaware that Mansa has set a trap for her. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 29, – Full Episode. Next day, Samarth and Muskaan once again come face to face at the office. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 7, – Full Episode. Samarth meets Muskaan and demands to know why she had rejected his marriage proposal.

Samarth learns that Sambhav has been withdrawing money from company’s account for his personal use and this gets him furious. She assures him that she will get a perfect match for him but Samarth shows no interest. Samarth and Sambhav together celebrate Samarth’s success while Kavya is forced to serve the guests. Vasundhara meets Bhairavi and is surprised to see that she is happy about Muskaan rejecting Samarth’s marriage proposal. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 26, – Full Episode.

Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Kavya tries to speak to Vasundhara and explain herself to her.

Kavya misses a bhaghgalakshmi during the presentation and this infuriates Samarth. Muskaan is busy dreaming of her time with Sambhav but she is woken up by Kuhu. She starts to fight with Samarth but realizes that her cabin has been changed. Bhairavi is surprised to see Samarth with food all over his clothes.