Learn how your comment data is processed. Another point we like with the BenQ GWHT other than its simplistic design is the consideration the designers gave to versatility. Measured White point k. On the other hand there was a great range of ergonomic adjustments available from the stand allowing you to obtain a comfortable position for a wide variety of angles. As you scroll down these sections, the options available in each are shown in the right. We will first test the screen using our thorough response time testing method. It’s important to first of all understand the different methods available and also what this lag means to you as an end-user.

When the screen was first announced there was a focus in their marketing content on the screens gaming performance as well, although this seems to have been changed on the product webpage now. I was satisfied with the color accuracy of the GWHT even without the use of a profile, with the viewing angle and overall uniformity playing a big role towards that. For our tests we will continue to use the SMTT tool to measure the overall “display lag”. Good pixel responsiveness which can handle fast moving scenes in movies without issue. With AMA pushed up to the maximum ‘premium’ setting, response times were once again improved. If you’re in the market for a new IPS The colour temperature was the only area which really let it down, being a little too warm out of the box.

This helps reduce power consumption compared with older CCFL backlight units and brings about some environmental benefits as well. There is also a colour coded mark next to each screen in the table to indicate the RTC overshoot error, as the response time serjes alone doesn’t tell the whole story.

Here we can see this unit has a curious issue with the lower centre quadrant, with a DeltaE value between ga2765ht and 4. Outside of games, the GWHT is also a capable performer. From there, averaging out all 3 measurements results in an average input lag of approximately 34msafter rounding to the nearest millisecond.

Images are pleasingly clean and ben thanks to the extra pixels. There was some slight overshoot noticeable on the Asus but nothing major. But it’s a good thing that this model’s Tilt, height, swivel and rotate.

In terms of power consumption the manufacturer lists an “on mode” consumption of 55W and less than 0. If PWM is used for backlight dimming, the higher the frequency, the less likely you are to see artefacts and flicker.


BenQ GWHT Review – TFTCentral

You can use our settings and try our calibrated ICC profile if you wish, which are available in our ICC profile database. Colour accuracy was very good out of the box with a default dE average of only 1. This is only a guide of the uniformity of the sample screen we have for review. Preset Modes – There is a specific ‘game’ available in the OSD which appears to make the image a little cooler than our calibrated custom mode.

Sadly there are no USB ports provided on this model, which is a bit of a shame as they’ve almost become standard on desktop displays now. The below uniformity diagram shows the difference, as a percentage, between the measurement recorded at each point on the screen, as compared with the central reference point. We left the gamma and color temperature settings at their defaults as well as shown in the table above.

Brightness OSD setting controls backlight? Having tested over displays for input lag, he hopes that DisplayLag will aid gamers around the world when purchasing the best HDTV or monitor for gaming. In the middle of the lower bezel is a BenQ logo as well, and in the top right hand corner a small “GW” model label.

They might be ok for the odd Youtube clip, office sounds or an mp3, but aren’t really up to much more.

There were pretty low levels of motion blur and no ghosting visible. The panel is confirmed when accessing the factory OSD menu as shown below: Graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active. There are settings here for things like brightness and contrast, as well as the range of preset gamma and color temperature modes.

The overdrive impulse was being applied well and in a controlled wg which was pleasing. The bottom gw2765ut the base has a rotating section to it which helps you move the screen side to side, but it isn’t the easiest to use.

BenQ GW2765HT Review: 1440p IPS Monitor

We first of all compare the GWHT against some other popular 27″ general purpose displays. However, if you are very sensitive towards input lag, and specialize in fighting, rhythm, or shooting games, I would be cautious towards this monitor if latency is a big deal to you. Overall then, fairly basic but quite function and not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Average Static Contrast Ratio. Gamma Mode Average Gamma Deviance from 2. At all brightness settings a constant voltage is applied to the backlight and there is no sign of Pulse Width Modulation PWM being used.


Buy Now from BenQ. It’s important to remember that OEM The display was strong when it came to black depth and contrast ratio serirs an IPS-type panel.

With AMA now on ‘High’, the middle setting, response times had improved a fair amount. With a calibrated contrast ratio of The p resolution works well for surfing the web or getting work done, and if your GPU can handle it then you’ll enjoy great-looking The stand has a solid construction, and supports vertical tilting, portrait orientation, and height adjustment.

This should be agming for those wanting to work in darkened room conditions with low ambient light. Unfortunately, such is not always the case in practice. Average G2G was now 7. As people become more aware of lag as a possible issue, we are of course keen to try and understand the split between the two as much as possible to wg2765ht a complete picture.

The gaminv adjustment offers a total mm adjustment range. By Tech-Reviews UK on June 04, If you were to say to someone 10 years ago that you were thinking of getting a inch monitor for your PC, they’d class you as insane.

One thing we hate on glossy bezels is that they regularly catch fingerprints and dust, plus cleaning or wiping them could introduce hairline scratches. Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user.

The contrast ratio was impressive though and represented a good figure for an AHVA panel. Click for larger versions The height adjustment offers a total mm adjustment range.

As a result there are quite a lot of “hidden” options in each section but we will try and explain anything useful in the text here. Since SMTT will not include the full response time within its measurements, after speaking with Thomas further about the situation we will subtract half of the average G2G response time from the total display lag. Adeel Soomro, also known as “Four Wude”, has been professionally competing in fighting games since The back of the screen has the various connection options available.