In a meeting at a street corner outside shop, Kakeru said Dracyan was uncharacteristically speaking in front of Natsumi and Saiga. Giving each B-Shot their Crossfire gear, the goal is to accumulate the most points in this point-base event. Yamashiro suspected Kakeru found a different interest. Despite acknowledging his questions, Takakura tells Riki how he must become stronger to know the answers. He wishes Riki good luck in this and ends his transmission. Akira said Kakeru has become a veteran B-Shot. Dracyan said it had felt B-Crystal’s anger. Basara asked what did Subaru and Kakeru want.

Elsewhere, B-Damans started to glow. He tells this to his only friend, Sumi Inaba, but she is actually interested in B-Daman. Should he win a tournament one day, he will be answered. Kakeru thought about the broken B-Daman core. Back home, Riki is anxious for the next Crossfire tournament to begin as he wants to improve his sluggish score last time. The final match of the Crossfire season is approaching, so Riki and his friends start training very hard. Kaito and Kakeru both finished 3 games and try to push the remaining button, but Kakeru narrowly pushed the last button earlier and entered the second round. Giving each B-Shot their Crossfire gear, the goal is to accumulate the most points in this point-base event.

This fascinates Riki as Sumi then wants him to do something for her. Sumi offers he go with her to Miracle Shoot as she wants new B-Daman parts but Riki declines and leaves. Kurosufaito shinseki ” Japanese: Subaru fired 5 shots, then the marble fired by Kakeru bounced back and roll towards the red bomb. B-Crystal started to pulsate. Subaru fired 1 shot to knock a yellow bomb to Kakeru’s side, leaving only 1 red bomb in the middle column, then 1 marble from each side hit the red bomb simultaneously, leaving the red bomb in place.


Dracyan said B-Crystal is responding to the battle. Who will be the Winner?

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An emergency announcement said an intruder is in the secret underground area, and B-Crystal was under attack. She inserts a B-Dama in the back of the figure’s head and pushes the included Trigger to fire it. He is glad Riki is here despite his former part-time employee suddenly leaving. Please consider summarizing the material while citing sources as needed. The next day at school when the bell rings, Riki looks at his Crossfire gear in class until Sumi Inaba pops in and asks where he has been lately.

Kakeru fired 1 shot to knock 1 row of 2 yellow bombs to Subaru’s side. Kakeru told Dracyan to use a new move. Kakeru fired the old super shot, then Subaru fired super shot. Media Arts Database in Japanese.

Kakeru said he should practice more and focus on faster reload, with a magazine holding lots of marbles. Novu VS Ryuji” Transcription: Cross Fight’s New Era” Transcription: Kakeru managed to move the red bomb back to neutral position with successive shots. A scattered light stream entered a B-Daman, then the B-Daman glowed. First place is points, second place is 50 points, third place is 30 points, fourth place is 20 points and fifth place is 10 points. Saneatsu decided to host a tournament between East Block and West Block members.

Soon, the remaining Crossfire competitors arrive as Rury announces their event. During the match, Yukihide asked why would Reiji follow Naoya. Akira said the B-Daman just spoke. Elsewhere, B-Damans started to glow. Riki later plays on the school playground “training” to one day embark on an adventure. In a re-match, Kakeru and Dracyan knocked down the 7th pin with super shot.


Kakeru enters the match with the repaired core.

Ouga enters the Power Lane. Subaru volunteered to replace Yukihide.

Subaru fired 3 shots to knock a row 3 yellow bombs to Kakeru’s side. After 30 seconds, Ouga realized he could not complete the game and stopped attacking, then he was ejected.

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After Kakeru’s shot hit the red bomb the 4th time, Subaru’s rapid fire began to nudge the red bomb towards Kakeru’s side. In school, Kakeru submits a video to Yamashiro. Retrieved October 15, Ruri said the system was to be used after solving the mystery of B-Crystal. Basara fired 2 marbles at B-Crystal. Yukihide was ejected early for failing to destroy enough targets in time, followed by Gouichiro.

Riki assures him that they will solve this together and begin investigating. After creating a hole in the field gate, Rury Takakura grants Riki Ryugasaki his gear, officially making him a Crossfire player. Dracyan said they should do their best so they have no regrets. Dracyan said he was thinking about the match, and had forgotten where it was.