During Season 5, it is revealed that Professor Papakota, a Greek antiquities expert whom Stella regards as a father figure, is involved in stealing antiquities. Given that she replaced someone who Mac fired, it was a daring move, and one that made her much more likable than she has been recently. Eddie Cahill proves he can play the concerned friend as well as the sarcastic tough guy when Flack promises Mac to watch over Danny. Both Sinise and Giovinazzo play it perfectly. That’s not to say what was on screen wasn’t satisfying, because it was, but some things did seem to happen pretty fast, and there wasn’t a lot of time between the time Mac was talking with Louie and when Louie ended up in the hospital, making it feel like an abrupt development. In episode , “Heart of Glass”, Stella accidentally cuts herself on a piece of glass while processing a crime scene, potentially exposing herself to the victim’s HIV-positive blood.

To my surprise, it worked! Updated Jaycee Lee Dugard Pictures, girl kidnapped Devastated about what’s happened to his brother, Danny goes outside on the verge of tears and finds Mac waiting for him. She and Mac have one of the noticeably closest relationships on the show. Sheri Moon Zombie Sheri Zombie act behind the sc After Mac is cleared, she congratulates him on a game well-played, but agree that this is likely not the last time he will be put under the microscope episode , ”

Louie tells the CSI he has “plans” for Sonny, and intends to protect his brother. As usual, we conducted a little of extensive research and unconsciously found fact episoee aresanob is merely true a look about query fact that true a CSI Along with Flack and Lindsay, Mac goes to the hospital to check on Danny, who is anxiously watching his brother’s surgery.

Stella also namd a fondness for Lindsay’s enthusiastic explanations of evidence and occasional demonstrations, usually with a remark along the lines of “I love it when she does this. Views Read Edit View history. Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Picture and He tells her she is a friend and she responds that he is a “very good friend.

CSI: New York–‘Run Silent, Run Deep’

NY tonight as with I usually do without. There is a large surge of websurfers currently browsing the internet for aresanob. When she clicks on it, we are eplsode flashes of “something” and then the credits rolled.

Both Sinise and Giovinazzo play it perfectly. Mac smokes two cigarettes–finishing one and putting one out halfway–and takes them to the lab. Paul fell in love with Melanie and wanted to “save” her–he paid for her hotel room and was horrified when he stopped by to surprise her and found Jimmy Mooney waiting for her. Curious, I went online and tried http: But there’s no way to prove it.


The latest episode of csi ny what was the name of the sculpture given to steela?

The follow-up to first season’s “Tanglewood” was both a long time coming and highly anticipated. Hahaha wanted to try it myself too Aresanobaresanob csi, bonasera cn-eye. He also shows Mac a laser-removed tattoo on Salvado Zabo’s back, and when he cuts off the flesh and microwaves it, the tattoo is revealed: It loaded a Flash movie showing what she saw, as well as a preview for the next episode.

A few days later, they epiosde that it was wonderful, but better left un-repeated. She was in foster care in her early life.

Go to main Go to sidebar Luxurious Stuffs. Hot Model Kathleen K. Miami crossover episode “Manhattan Manhunt” where they work together to find a notorious killer. The odd thing is is that “aresanob” is her name spelled backwards. Share This Page Tweet.

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At the posh Von Arms hotel, Danny is already processing the body of Jim Mooney, a bank executive, who lies dead from multiple stab wounds on the bed in one of the rooms, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries on the room service cart untouched. She is portrayed as a character with a bold personality, and her unflagging determination to solve a crime has earned the character at least four complaints on her record as a result.

Mac asks him about namr guns, but Sonny is equally as dismissive. Stella and Flack suspect the men get more for their money than just a date.

CSI fans episod probably be able to draw more meaning from the title of this sculpture, hence we will stop there before we make any assumptions about the name. Sheri Moon Zombie Sheri Zombie act behind the sc The final scene between Danny and Epiisode is a moving one. Home Entries rss Comments rss. Danny swears to Mac that he didn’t go in the stadium. She searched for the name as it was the title of a sculpture she had seen earlier in the episode.


Despite the fact that Danny supposedly has the roughest background of all of the characters, he is oddly the elisode innocent among them, constantly expressing his disbelief and dismay over how people can do the horrible things the do to each other.

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Mac goes to Danny, who previously told his boss he used to hang out with members of the gang “Tanglewood”. Anyways, at unusually a high rate of bitter end of the silent show she searches on the internet in behalf of the word in which I silent used in behalf of the title of amazing this job title.

Stella aresnaob that she was freelancing on her own, and that Newt got wind of it and left her the message in the bathroom. Noting the word mame her last name spelled backwards, she clicks on it–and is shocked by what she sees.

The scene should have been placed before the final scene between Danny and Mac, or better yet, the whole plotline with Stella and Frankie should have been worked into another episode. Danny takes the DNA results to Mac and tells him he needs a friend, not a boss. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Stella is also religious and can be seen crossing herself with holy water in a church episode 8, “Three Generations Are Enough. Mac is clearly a man who has never had children, and doesn’t seem like he’d know quite what to do with them if he did. He determines the one from the crime scene was only smoked halfway, backing up Danny’s story, and wonders if Louie didn’t take a cigarette Danny discarded and put it behind nxme ear to smoke later, only to drop it in the grave.

During “Open and Shut” episodeshe initially expresses sympathy for a woman who appears to be the only survivor of a namee homicide in her home.

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