We don’t take political sides, but we do take photos. Bodyslam — Naliga Tai [Dead Watch]. A scene in the prison. Are you human or a ghost? May 15, at I adored admired them sooo much. My passion is promoting the Thai language. I was signed up to receive comments so got the alert.

Newer Post Older Post Home. However, Anothai only ever knew the Princess as “Dara”, a common girl who lived in the palace. Anothai is very sorry to know that a common man like him can never reach a royal princess like her. Her twin sister, Tienwan Chompoo , also suspects the same, but is too afraid to vindicate herself. Anothai means rising sun, while Dara means star. And not understanding everything is to be expected.

This upsets Anothai greatly because he believes strongly that a commoner like him is not allowed fall in love with a royal. Eventhough I have only empty hands. But I took their advice: Unlike the common thai drama, this series revolves around the story of love between a faithful commander and royal princess, and the war and fight between the two states of Yasothorn and Khemarat.

Anothai Dara is a class ghai. It was regarded as the movie that sparked the popularity and comeback of Thai movies that were in the doldrums. The governor in my opinion shall think of the people and do everything to make the country and the people happy by considering their duty for the country more than the wish of themselves.


The princess & the pauper

But because of the strong love he has for her, he swears that he will do whatever it takes to put her on the throne as the Queen of Yasotorn, thi if it means sacrificing his own life.

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Jesdaporn Pholdee is the eldest of his 2 younger brothers. How is the work shared out?

The princess & the pauper

Thai movies August 3, at 3: How long does it take? A scene after Anothai saved Dara from drowning: Izzie October 15, at 4: Time for a Time-Out After The Ruler of Yasothorn state was assassinated, his daughter, Princess Tippayarat-Darakumaree is relegated and live her life as a common girl. Travel log lifestyle tasty sleep Art shopping event. Time cannot be returned. She assumes the life of a commoner and meets Anotai, the son of a retired general, who knows her only by the name of Dara.

Petr Ikhwan July 18, at 4: Women Learn Thai is Blog of the Month. Please help by adding reliable sources. Anothai is very sorry to know that a common man like him can never reach a royal princess like her.

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Comment on the plot: Learn and Love the Thai Language. Here is where I fill them in to the best of my ability.

Dara was told that an island not far from her royal house was very scary and even haunted by ghosts. His only hope was to put Dara at the highest place as possible.

Luerd Kattiya (2003)

Even behind the scene, both of them looked very affected with the scene. And not understanding everything is to be expected. Because I’m a common man. April 18, anothhai 9: SilverDragon, 24th March Comparisons Plus Thai Culture: Retrieved from ” https: May 13, at 9: The future queen of Yasothorn should not let anyone see her crying.

Below are the meaning of two of the soundtracks of this Drama. It’s just a grass flower, why do you keep it?

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