Views Read Edit View history. In their first show, we saw two brilliant cameos – Abish Matthew and his inconsistent mustache. Despite a crippling bureaucracy, political gaffes, and a team of misfits, he yearns to be loved by the masses once again. More Technology News in Hindi. What’s worse is he knew it was bad, so fired him and re-hired him as a contractor in case this news got out in the future to absolve AIB of any blame. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. It’s Your Fault ‘. As before, the show will release new episodes every week, with “a host of topical issues covered on Mondays, followed by a deep dive into a particular topic on Wednesdays, while Fridays will see an ad hoc conversation, Off-Script” involving AIB and a special guest.

For the most part, the service has focused on live sports and licensing international content from HBO , Showtime and others. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Idhar Hotstar ka website good internet speed pe atak atak k chalta hai Please provide translations if comment in languages other than English. Submit a new text post. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks.

Upgrade kar bhai, kab tak mei jiyega. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Oh my god that show was bad! Moving forward, one only hopes that their writing team if indeed they have one will be intuitive spisode to focus on an issue that might have stormed into the headlines since their previous show.


They were trying so hard to ape John Oliver’s show and was getting cringey every episode He would then stop. Engliah be displayed Will not be englisu Will be displayed. While the guests — Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath are entertainers with comic chops of their own, the segment is a poor use of their talents. AIB and Yours truly. Stepping way was probably a good step.

I have complete faith that we will regret this in the months to come.

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Stand-Up Comedians Adda Part 1. Err, the roast is a format. Kevin is a full-time journalist and a part-time hotstat of video games, comedy, cinema and guitar, although sometimes he wishes things were the other way around.

Like always this is deviation from main issues. Views Read Edit View history.

In AugustIrrfan stepped down from his role due to a health related issue. To be honest, after reading tanmay’s version of the story, it seemed to me like that he had genuinely messed up. Should you watch it? Since January,Joshi and Shakya restarted doing stand-up comedy, whereas Bhat and Khamba have not issued any subsequent updates. Andheri Lower Parel Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. YouTube Hotstar Amazon Video She was explicitly talking about the guy being sexually inappropriate after they broke up.

We are deeply concerned by these developments, which run contrary to our values as a responsible platform, and will not stand by anything that compromises the respect or safety of women.

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Want to add to the discussion? End of the day, these revelations should help build a enylish environment for women. You have been undone. I guess I see a epsiode of cases where the consent was given and the deed done, only to later be invalidated because of lack of evidence.


Submit a new text post. A court might acquit harassers for lack of evidence. The Times of India. Current broadcasts on StarPlus.

Also, On Air With AIB actually has a number of pretty impressive Indian shows which have attempted news comedy before—and done so successfully. Popular Samsung Galaxy M Was a news-comedy show AIB created.

AIB could at least hire dnglish.

Hotstar Cancels “On Air with AIB” : india

He seems to be very sorry about it too. She was interviewed by a Paksitani hltstar channel, on which she was criticizing the ‘government.

Both Jon and Colbert or his aig ego regularly pointed out and slammed the snafus of the Bush and later the Obama administration. No, this is capitalism. Sign in below continue Register. More Technology News in Hindi.

From the words of girl it is simply a bad and toxic relationship, and asshole behaviour on part of Khamba. They have already dropped Vikas Bahl from a project.