The least he could have done was be polite to them as they expressed their anger and disappointment, but we saw nothing but a cold shut-up call. I wanted to see this show in the first place because Faisal Qureshi and Ayeza Khan were the. Meeting up with Faiza and telling her that he would never be a good husband as Maryam is his only true love, was a desperate attempt and I have yet to gather what he thought would be the outcome of the meeting. It had a serious of tragedies occurring one after the other which. He gave Maryam an order, which was completely unjust and then he just left her alone to face the ordeal. It seems that her burning desire of getting married to Zayan is more driven by revenge than love.

Not only that, he is playing with the emotions of a girl who is clearly crazy about him and is also dragging Maryam in a life time of trouble. His disbelief and happiness when a shy Maryam accepted his proposal over the phone was extremely endearing. His character seemed mysterious and I sensed from the beginning that something about him was just not right. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The first episode mainly revolved around the introductions of all the characters in the show. On the other hand, Maryam, guilty that Faiza attempted suicide because Zayan refused to marry her decided to go and see her and ran into Umair at the hospital. I must admit, I was impressed when she decided to break the engagement off despite opposition, as I took her for a typical, obedient girl, who never takes a stand for herself.

The avhoori, and the only scene, which featured Zayam was, in my opinion, the most important scene projo the episode since it decided the fate of both, Maryam and him. But here we see the mother convincing the family to push Maryam in a marriage which will only make their daughter miserable.


Somehow, the two of them knew each other or maybe I missed something. His feelings for Maryam are understandable but his approach is irrational and selfish.

Adhoori Aurat – Episode 1 – 16th April 2013 (Promo)

Maryam even complained about his. By Farwa Batool Naqvi Advertisements. He is betraying the trust of his family. My assumptions aehoori him were wrong though, he is good at hiding his feelings and prefers to deal with problems using his mind instead of being emotional.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi Share this: Both of these episodes were a bit slow, I would have liked it if it was faster paced. This may take a second or two. I have been waiting for such an entertaining episode since the aufat went on air and this episode finally managed to fulfill all my expectations.

The evil mother—in-law and her cruelty towards her daughter-in-law is the most.

We saw another engaging episode this week with lots of twists and turns. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ashiya has a few complaints from her mother, and one of them is that she does not give her enough time.

This show is going to end soon and I am waiting to. I am looking forward to its next episode when the actual story will finally start.

He truly is a gem of our industry.

Adhoori Aurat Episode 1 Review – A Nice Beginning!

I wanted to see this show in the first qurat because Faisal Qureshi and Ayeza Khan were the main leads and I always wanted to see them paired together in a show. It was already revealed in the promos that the accident would result in the death of two.


By Farwa Batool Naqvi. This made prkmo episode a bit too depressing and teary. Adhoori Aurat Episode 12 — Review admin July 5, No matter what Faiza is up to, it would be nearly impossible to manipulate him. No matter what his intentions, however, he has convinced Faiza to follow him to seek revenge and make her wish to get married to Zayan, come true.

Faiza, on the other hand, has already put her revenge plan into action with the help of Umair. All the misery is now behind her. She was taken to the hospital on time and is therefore, safe.

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I have a lot of expectations from this show. Any other man in this situation would have given up and married Faiza but Zayan was strong enough to refuse the irrational proposal and keep looking for other ways to deal with the problem.

The episode started off on a good note as Zayaan was back to his former self. Maryam, on the other hand had woven her dreams about her marriage and looked forward to her marriage. Zayaan got pretty uneasy after hearing what the doctors had said.

Adhuri Aurat Back to homepage. Ayeza Khan simply stole the stole with her flawless acting, and even.