Microsoft launches Dall-E artificial intelligence app

Microsoft believes in artificial intelligence, but it also understands that it is not necessarily the right person for this. That’s why it has found the people behind the artificial intelligence app Dall-E willing to integrate this tech into a new Microsoft app. That app is called Microsoft Designer and will be part of the Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Designer
Dall-E is that app that lets you get started with artificial intelligence by entering a few keywords. He will create an entirely new image based on millions of images that have been fed to him. Do you want something Van Gogh-like, or do you prefer an image that is lifelike, as if it were a photograph? Dall-E can make it for you. There is already a lot of experimentation and many hilarious examples end up on social media (see them throughout this article).

It’s very popular right now and Microsoft has probably seen that. It is deploying Dall-E 2 to give users the opportunity to create images using AI in its new Microsoft Designer app. It is not entirely the case that Microsoft outsources artificial intelligence: the app is a collaboration between Dall-E 2 on the one hand and Microsoft AI on the other. This way, even if you always lose with Pictionary, you can still come up with beautiful designs.

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